Blood and Failure

Gossamer Gear | May 17, 2011
Our hearts and prayers go out to Trail Ambassador Martin Rye, who recently on a trek known as the Cumbria Way charity...
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Hike the Elysian Fields

Gossamer Gear | Mar 15, 2011
Steve Burgess created an ultralight backpacking video that has some pretty amazing footage. The scenery is of the Ely...
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TGO Challenge Presentation

Gossamer Gear | Mar 11, 2011
If you are in Boston, this Tuesday, March 15th, Philip Werner from Section Hiker is going to present on his recent hi...
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New Trail Ambassador - Brian Green

Gossamer Gear | Feb 22, 2011
Every so often Gossamer Gear will welcome a new member into the Trail Ambassador group. This month, Gossamer proudly ...
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Maui for their Honeymoon

Gossamer Gear | Feb 08, 2011
Disco and POD are two of our trail ambassadors. What makes them unique is that they are both triple crowners, and the...
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2011 Gorilla Backpack

Gossamer Gear | Feb 01, 2011
Periodically we repost excellent online articles reviewing our gear. This past fall, Philip Werner at Section Hiker p...
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A Day in the life of an ALS patient

Gossamer Gear | Jan 06, 2011
We would like to bring to your attention Royce Cowan. He is a customer of ours and is a 27 year old ALS patient. We c...
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SpinnTwinn and LT4s Go in Norway

Gossamer Gear | Nov 18, 2010
Joe Newton is one of the founding members of Nordic Lightpacking and our Trail Ambassador from Bergen, Norway. This s...
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Slam Poetry Meets Trail Video

Gossamer Gear | Nov 03, 2010
Steve Burgess, one of our trail ambassadors, recently put together this video on his three day trek of the Wonderland...
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