How to Make the Perfect Lightweight Hiker Stocking this Holiday Season

Santa stopped by Gossamer Gear headquarters recently with a bit of a predicament. It turns out Mrs. Claus is super into lightweight backpacking in the North Pole. Santa is used to lugging around a ton of gear, so he wasn't quite sure how to create the perfect hiker stocking for someone like Mrs. Claus. If you're in the same predicament, we thought we'd share our advice to Santa with the rest of you so that you, too, may create the perfect lightweight stocking for the hiker in your life.

What Makes the Best Lightweight Hiker Stocking?

When making a lightweight hiker stocking, it's important to start with a low base weight. The way we see it, you have three options here:

  1. The Packable Vagabond - This new addition to the Vagabond Collection of daypacks is the ultimate minimalist daypack. It weighs a mere 11.2 ounces, is made of tough 70D Robic Nylon fabric, and even packs into itself via its main accessory pocket. With dual top carry handles, it also hangs easily from your mantle, ready to be filled with lightweight hiker stocking stuffer goodness for the holidays.
  2. Stuff Sacks - With four different sizes available, our stuff sacks are the perfect lightweight stockings for the family of hikers–you'll have Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Middle Schooler Bear, and Baby Bear all covered and ready to hit the trail. They range from 0.3 to 0.7 ounces and each have a festive, colorful drawstring so you can hang them by the chimney with care.
  3. Bumster - For the lightweight hiker who wants to casually wear his or her stocking around town, across the living room, on a bike ride, or up the trail, the Bumster effortlessly secures to the waist and is ready to go. At 3.8 ounces, this mini stocking can be hung from a tree branch and filled with lightweight doodads the hiker on your holiday list will love.

So, You Have Your Hiker Stocking Picked Out–Now What?

In true "take less, do more" fashion, you should now have a lightweight stocking picked out that doubles as a daypack or gear organizer. The lightweight hiker in your life is going to love your multi-functional choice. Now it's time to turn to turn to the best stocking stuffers for lightweight hikers. Lucky for you, we have some ideas.

1. Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon

Our customers rave about this lightweight, naturally odor-, stain-, and water-resistant bamboo spoon! Made out of sustainable, natural material, this spoon will let your loved ones enjoy their backcountry meal without that metallic taste of titanium. Make sure to let them know about our blog post on how to take care of the spoon, and you'll have a perfect lightweight stocking stuffer for your hiker.

enchanted valley

2. The Crotch Pot

It will start as a joke, and end up a new favorite piece of gear. Trust us. Who needs a stove when there's already plenty of heat down below? Dinner is ready by the time you reach camp. Gag gift? More like one of the best stocking stuffers for lightweight hikers ever.

Crotch Pot

3. Deuce Backpacking Trowel

Hey, everybody poops. And, at a mere 0.35 ounces, this Gossamer Gear exclusive edition of the Deuce backpacking trowel weighs the same as just 7 small blueberries, making it the lightest on the market. As we like to say, both are good for pooping in the woods! Compact enough to slip right into the side pocket of a backpack–or into a stocking.

stocking stuffers for thru hikers

4. Feed Bag

The universal truth about hikers is that, well, they get hungry. Let the lightweight hiker in your life easily relish in the lightening of their load as they eat peanut M&Ms straight from this little pocket that attaches to their pack's shoulder strap. In fact, we recommend filling a Feed Bag with your hiker's favorite snacks before adding it to their stocking.

5. Joshua Tree Mini Lip Balm

Adorably little and incredibly necessary, lightweight hikers will love finding this lip balm in their stocking. Ensure their lips don't get burned out there in the elements and stuff a couple of these into their stockings this year.

6. Shock Compression Cord Set

At about 15 grams per set, the ultralight hiker in your life will love the flair and function our compression cord sets add to their pack. Available in all the colors of the rainbow!

7. Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notebook

Once the hikers head out into the woods with the amazing lightweight stockings you created for them, they are bound to get overwhelmed by feelings of joy and gratitude. They will want to capture these into beautiful poems to share with you upon their return home. Help them out by adding one of these waterproof notebooks in their stockings. We also recommend adding a NanoPen Ultralight Trail Pen.

8. Gift Cards

Lightweight hikers may not want you to select out their lightweight doodads in case they already have one or are otherwise trying to clear out some clutter in their lives. Consider delivering them one of our digital giftcards as an alternative stocking stuffer so they can pick out exactly what they most want or need for the trail–nothing more, nothing less. We've got you covered with gift cards starting at $10 and going up to your desired price.

Hiking poles in the snow on top of a mountain

Last, But Not Least–We Want to See Your Hiker Stockings!

If you create the world's most amazing lightweight hiker stocking this holiday season, we want to see it! Share it with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. We'll make sure to share it with Santa for some additional inspiration for Mrs. Claus this year. Happy trails!

Looking Back at 2017 and Wishing Everyone Happy Trails for 2018!

Looking Back at 2017 and Wishing Everyone Happy Trails for 2018!

Another year is coming to a close, and all of us here at Gossamer Gear would like to express a heartfelt thanks for everyone who has been a part of our community. It is a great privilege for us to get to read the reviews so many of you have shared about our gear, to see the adventures you take your packs on through your photos, and to have the opportunity to continue to improve and design the gear that gets you out to your happy place. Before we ring in all the happy trails to come in 2018, let's look back at some of our shared journey through 2017.

So Many Gear Reviews

Gossamer Gear's Vagabond pack with the Grand Tetons in the background

This year, many of you took the time to try out our gear and share your experiences with the rest of the outdoor community. These are just a few of the great articles and resources you all shared with us:

From the Blog

two women stand with the long trails book at a signing

On the Gossamer Gear blog this year, thanks to our Brand Ambassadors and staff, we were able to share content ranging from gear lists to off-trailing in the Grand Canyon. Here are just a handful of blogs from the site this year worth giving another peek:

On Instagram, you all filled our feed with mountain peaks, adorable doggies in backpacks, desert trails, glacial lakes, and urban strolls to the grocery store.

Despite any bumps along the trail, 2017 has been a year worth hiking thanks to all of you and the support you've shown. So, we're closing out 2017 with a gigantic THANK YOU! Keep sharing your photos, sending us your comments, and inspiring us with the adventures you take.

From all of us at Gossamer Gear–happy trails for 2018!

The Reasonable Decision to Give Outdoorsy Loved Ones Gift Cards

The Reasonable Decision to Give Outdoorsy Loved Ones Gift Cards

With Chanukah well underway, Christmas and Kwanzaa just around the corner, and the general spirit of holiday giving floating through the air, those of us who procrastinate may just now be wondering what goodies to gift our loved ones this year. For those of us with outdoorsy friends and family, gear to help them on their 2018 adventures seems like a clear choice. But, with the plethora of options before us, how can we be sure we're picking out the right item for them? Gift cards are often given a bad rap as being too impersonal, but here are some thoughts on why they're actually a totally reasonable, perfect last-minute gift option - as well as some tips and tricks on how to give them in more meaningful ways.

Photo: Sirena Dufault

No Need to Worry about Sizing

ttps://"> backpack size might be, and our brand ambassadors have some useful tips, as well. However, muddling through these notes and making that decision is usually best done by the person who will actually be using the pack. Take away the worry of getting sizing right by instead giving your friend a gift card that they can use to order their own pack. Give it to them with a nice handwritten note from you about the adventures you hope their new pack will bring them.

The Conundrum of the Gear Junkie Who Has It All

nd the guessing game by giving them a gift card. You can include some nice printed photos of your adventures together - and maybe toss a little joke into your card about their gear problem!

Adding to People's Eventual Garage Sales

The world is filled with stuff and things. Sometimes the holiday season can feel overwhelming taking on lots of well-intentioned gifts, but ones which you may not really want or need. Best way to keep your gift out of a garage sale? Give them a gift card with a note letting them know that you want them to pick out something they really want, need, and love.

Non-Impersonal Gift Cards

It's one thing to give a Visa gift card, and another to give one to a place you know your loved one will appreciate. Getting the outdoorsy person in your life a gift card to Gossamer Gear shows that you know their love of adventure, and that you want to support many more outings in 2018! Pair your gift card with a top 10 list of places you want to travel together.

Gift card

Sometimes it's best to let your loved one pick out what it is they most need or want. Gossamer Gear has you covered with gift cards starting at $10 and going up to your desired price.

Last minute shoppers - also make sure to take a peek at our Guide to Stocking Stuffers for Outdoorsy Folk for helpful ideas. Through December 20, 2017, we're offering 15% off select items with the promo codeWINTER15 . Happy holidays from our tent to yours!