Hungry? Thirsty? Make the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket Your New Trail Friends.

Hungry? Thirsty? Make the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket Your New Trail Friends.

When you asked for the perfect shoulder strap pocket to store your iPhone in while hiking, we delivered–waterproof zipper and all. When you needed a versatile hipbelt pocket for your chapstick and compass, we delivered–internal key hook included. So, when you asked for a seamless way to shove food into your mouth and wash it down with sweet, sweet fluids, we weren't going to leave you hanging. Gossamer Gear is honored to present you, the hungry and thirsty hiker, with our newest shoulder strap add-ons, the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket.

The Feed Bag is Here to Take Trail Snacking to the Next Level

For hikers who require minimal time between hunger pangs and food in mouth, the Feed Bag delivers. Sure, you can technically keep trail snacks in a hipbelt pocket, but what if yours is already full of CBD oil? What if you don't want to hassle with a zipper? If you're hungry, and can't possibly imagine stopping to dig food out of your pack, it's time to kit yourself out with a Feed Bag.

The Gossamer Gear Feed Bag is made of custom robic nylon fabric and has a secure attachment system to any of our packs' shoulder straps. A quick and easy pull tie on the top of the Feed Bag keeps your food secure, but immediately ready for action at the first signs of hanger.

The Feed Bag can fit up to six tortilla wraps, three smashed honey buns, or an absurd amount of M&Ms.

Just Say No to Dehydrated Hiking with the Bottle Rocket

We've all been there–trying to awkwardly reach your arm around to the back of your pack to search for your water bottle, refusing to actually take your pack off to assist in grabbing it. We may not even want to hassle with it so much so that we end up "thirangry" (like hangry, but thirsty… ?) later down the trail, cursing the dehydration headache that catches up to us in the late afternoon. Well, trail friends, no more! Get yourself a Bottle Rocket.

The Gossamer Gear Bottle Rocket attaches to your shoulder strap for quick and easy access to your liquid of choice. It fits 500ml to 1,000ml Smart Water bottles like a glove. With this easy access to your water, you will never hike dehydrated again.

The Bottle Rocket is made from lightweight mesh and custom robic nylon fabrics. It has a secure attachment system to any of our packs' shoulder straps, and includes an elastic loop to lock your bottle in place.

You Asked. We Delivered. Ending Hangry Thirsting on the Trail with the Feed Bag and Bottle Rocket since 2019.

If you're looking to address your issues with hunger and thirst on the trail–well, at least the literal kinds; we'll leave the figurative ones to Mother Nature to provide–then the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket are for you. Check out each of their product pages for more information on their features.

Finally, make sure to share photos of your adventures with the Feed Bag or Bottle Rocket with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!

Introducing Gossamer Gear’s Newest Pack, the G4-20—A Modern Nod to a Vintage Classic

Introducing Gossamer Gear’s Newest Pack, the G4-20—A Modern Nod to a Vintage Classic

When our founder, Glen Van Peski, began fiddling around with some homegrown lightweight backpack models, he gave them pretty straightforward names. Using his first initial plus the version number, he started with the G1, then the G2, then the G3, and then the G4, which was the model that launched the company our community knows and loves today.

"Weighing a fraction of what commercially available packs at the time did, the G4 had a design that was revolutionary in its simplicity," Glen explained.

Now, just about 20 years after that G4 model ushered in Gossamer Gear's lightweight backpacking movement, we'd like to introduce you to the G4-20.

"After 20 years, it's exciting to see the G4 relaunched, taking advantage of updated materials and techniques, but remaining true to the original concepts," Glen continued.

The G4-20 is a versatile, frameless pack option that combines the spirit of new design with the OG design of the G4from back when Gossamer Gear was still known as GVP Gear.

"Since this is the 20th anniversary edition of the bag, we took inspiration from the original model and were focused on bringing that design ethic and functionality up to date," Grant Sible, President of Gossamer Gear, described. "It's not something I undertook lightly, as the original is an icon in our little lightweight world. That said, this pack wanted to be made, and I consider it to be in the heart of what we do in the pack line."

Diving Into the Details of the G4-20

To make the G4-20 a reality, Gossamer Gear took what made the original G4 so popular and roped in a gang of new fabrics and materials to create a minimal, do-it-all, frameless pack.

"It's slightly asymmetrical in terms of features, a nice tidy package that balances function, features, volume, and price," Grant shared. "The original was available in one size and four colors; the G4-20 is available in three sizes and two colors. The G4-20 also introduces a new sit pad that we're fond of, as it provides more of a virtual frame and is also much easier to remove and reinstall."

Some of the features of the new G4-20 include:

  • An extendable roll top with multiple top closure options
  • Waterproof zippers
  • The removable, molded, cushy sitpad back panel Grant highlighted
  • A fixed hip belt with unique hip belt pocket design
  • A six pocket configuration
  • 42-liter capacity

The Gossamer Gear community will be able to grab one of the G4-20 packs in either the classic Gossamer Gear grey, or a new electric blue. And, of course, all of this comes with just 25 ounces of pack weight.

"The G4-20 circles back and closes the loop on the past 20 years of our pack making evolution," Grant reflected. "I'm personally excited to get one out on the trail myself. I think it will be a great carry for hikers wanting to go more minimal and lighter, but still be able to get solid weight transfer to the belt without a frame. Plus, with multiple top closure options, users can hack it how they like."

Get Ready to Hit the Trail with the G4-20

If you're looking for a modern nod to a vintage classic, a tip of the hat to an OG packget ready to hit the trail with the new G4-20. Check out the G4-20 product page for more information on its features and materials.

And, as always, make sure to share photos of your adventures with the G4-20 with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!

Your Pack Just Got Better with Custom, Exclusive N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Your Pack Just Got Better with Custom, Exclusive N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

By now, you've probably seen the hype over our two new releases, the brand new Drifter Daypack and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo 36. What you might not know quite as much about is just how impressive the robic camo jacquard fabric is that we've used to design them. Read on to learn more about our custom N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric–exclusive to Gossamer Gear.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Why You Should be Stoked about Our N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

The fabric we've used on both the new Drifter Daypack and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo 36 is a N100D Robic Camo Jacquard fabric. But, that's not all. This fabric is then coated with 1500mm of durable ultra tearing strength (UTS) polyurethane.

Through their testing experience, our fabric suppliers have found that Robic high tenacity yarn can decrease tearing 10-15% and abrasion 30%. A UTS coating can decrease tearing 50%. Therefore, when you combine these two–as we have–into a Robic+UTS fabric, strength against tearing and abrasion is increased 30% when compared to regular pack fabrics.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

But, what's the Jacquard piece all about, you ask? Well, Jacquard is a type of fabric that has an intricately woven pattern. While many fabric patterns you see may be embroidered or printed on, a Jacquard fabric actually weaves the pattern directly into the fabric. This is what we've done with the classy new camo print you'll see on both the Drifter and the Limited Edition Camo Kumo.

Combine all of this info, and what do you get? Two incredibly stylish packs that are super strong, while maintaining the lightweight nature we treasure here at Gossamer Gear. This N100D Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric was custom made for Gossamer Gear, and is an exclusive with the company. You won't find packs looking this sexy and this tough anywhere else.

Camo Jacquard Fabric in Action on the Drifter

If you haven't met the Drifter yet, it's time. This stylish daypack is designed for daily life and travel. At just 24.04 ounces in weight, this pack will keep your digital goods protected, your out-and-about gear organized, and your entire office jealous.

The Drifter has a 22-liter capacity in the main pack body with a secure zippered top. It also has two front zippered pockets, ergonomic straps and back panel, dual on-strap pockets for your phone, sunglasses, or snacks, and micro daisy chain and lash points. To top this all off, the pack has two padded sleeves for both your laptop and tablet.

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Camo Jacquard Fabric in Action on the Limited Edition Camo Kumo

We all know and love the Kumo. The medium size weighs in at just 18.7 ounces and the pack has an overall capacity of 36 liters. It comes with a detachable fast belt, rear mesh packet, several compression options, and more. It's a superlight backpack that is perfect for minimalist thru-hikers, ultralight weekend warriors, or even frontcountry travelers. It's a tough, frameless, timeless pack.

And, now, it's even tougher with our new fabric. It's also a limited edition, so if you're looking to truly solidify your deep love of the Kumo, do it by snagging one of these Camo Kumo limited edition packs!

Robic Camo Jacquard Fabric

Get Your Hands on this Camo Jacquard Fabric

As you for sure know by now, our brand new Drifter Daypack and Limited Edition Camo Kumo are made of some pretty badass fabric. They're also some of our sexiest packs yet. And, now until December 3–drumroll, please–they're also 20% off! So, hop on over to our shop to pick yours up today.

Make sure to share photos of your Drifter or Camo Kumo adventures with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!