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Mini Dropper Bottle Set (4 Pack)

Gear Notes

Use them to store Aquamira, DEET, liquid soap, alcohol hand sanitizers, eyedrops, contact lens solution, hot sauce or other condiments. Each bottle has a 0.35 oz. capacity (10 ml of liquid). This equates to approximately 275 drops of liquid per bottle. The mini dropper bottles generate smaller drops than the 1 oz. bottles that Aquamira is packaged in, so when using them for treating water either up the standard dosage from 7 drops to 10 drops per liter or allow a 50% longer time for treatment.

The four bottle set includes two opaque bottles and two clear bottles. This allows you to utilize the opaque bottles for storing photo-sensitive solutions and the clear bottles for storing solutions that you need to monitor the amount remaining in the bottle.


  • Includes 2 clear bottles, 2 opaque bottles, 4 nozzles, 2 opaque caps, 2 clear caps
  • Take only the liquids you need on the trail
  • Opaque bottles for photosensitive chemicals
  • Clear bottles for easy monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical and food grade plastic
  • Lightweight plastic construction



Total 0.175 oz / 5 g per bottle


Height 2 5/16" / 6 cm per bottle

Volume 0.35 oz / 10 ml per bottle

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