G SitLight Camp Seat

Gear Notes

This ventilated closed cell foam sit pad doubles as a back panel padding for our packs and an ultralight camp chair. 

For the Murmur you will want the Medium size pad. For all other packs order the same size as your pack.

Designed specifically to be used in the pad pocket of any of our overnight backpacks, this multi-use ultralight pad will give structure to your pack, cushion your back, and allow some air to circulate between you and the pack while keeping the pack body close to you. The SitLight can also be used to sit on in camp or during breaks, to lengthen your existing sleep pad, or as a base for your pillow.

The foam is amazingly light and strong for its density. The pads are tough, flexible and resilient, and exhibit good UV stability.


Average Weight

Medium 3.3 oz / 94 g

Large 3.7 oz / 105 g


Medium 10.75" x 19.75" / 27 x 50 x 2 cm

Large 10.75" x 22.75" / 27 x 58 x 2 cm


Proprietary Closed Cell Foam

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