Sleeping Pads Gossamer Gear

Our sleeping pads
are designed with the
backpacker in mind

keeping weight off your back, with maximum protection from the cold temperatures. No matter how great your sleeping bag is- virtually all of its insulating properties are lost when crushed beneath your body so that even on a warmer night all of your heat is lost through the cold ground. Our foam pads can be used with all backpacking sleeping pads on the market, to provide valuable insulation in cold weather conditions, superb in winter for snow camping. Some mats are cut to fit in the back panel sleeve of our overnight backpacking backpacks for comfort and act as a multi-use item. A hiker can use them as a back pad or roll them to store inside or on top of our ultralight packs. Our most popular model, the Sitlight, is a big hit for day hiking and backpacking. Just simply remove it from the backpack and now you have a comfortable trail seat!