The Crotch Pot

Gear Notes

“You’re hotter than you think!” - The perfect gift for the ultralight backpacker in your life. This won’t be a gift they will have to return because they already have something lighter!

Looking to shave those last few grams off your base pack weight, but not quite ready to go ‘no-cook’ and give up hot food on the trail? Crotch Pot to the rescue!

The Crotch Pot is the ultimate fuel-less ultralight backpacking stove. It is climate change friendly, because it has zero carbon monoxide hazards. It is constructed out of ultralight cuben fiber, and attaches to any pant with belt loops. This camp stove is designed to accept a quart size freezer Ziploc type bag, so your dinner contents are completely sanitary at all times.

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Coming soon, the Crotch Pot recipe club, where users can trade their favorite recipes and post pictures on Instagram. #crotchpot #yourehotterthanyouthink

Quotes: “I’ve never seen anything like it” – Andrew Skurka


  • Two quart size resealable bags
  • Two mini biners



Total 9 grams

Crotch Pot 3 grams

(2) Mini Biners 3 grams each


Made of Dyneema Composite Fabrics (Cuben Fiber) ( 25 g per square meter )

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