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LT5 Three Piece Carbon Trekking Poles (pair)

The most portable poles we have ever made, our LT5s are some of the lightest 3-piece poles on the planet. Works perfectly with our Ones, Twos, and Tarps for an unbeatable ultralight shelter setup. --Now featuring updated straps!

Gear Notes

Sold as a pair, these are the more compact version of our famous twist-lock Lightrek ( LT4 LT3 ) poles.


Average Weight

Pole (2) 4.9 oz / 139 g each

Rubber Boot (2) 9 g each

Basket (2) 7 g each


Minimum / Fully Collapsed Length 23.5" / 60 cm

Maximum Length 51" / 130 cm

Top Section Length 19.5" / 49.53 cm

Middle Section Length 19.25" / 48.98 cm

Tip Section Length 18.75" / 47.62 cm



Grip EVA Foam

Pole Carbon Fiber

Tips Carbide

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there instructions for my trekking poles?

- Do not extend the middle or bottom pole section when hiking past the "STOP" label. This label should not be visible when hiking.

- When the bottom section is set to where the "STOP" label is just out of visibility, you can then adjust the middle section to anywhere between 105cm - 130cm using the measurement guide markers on the middle section.

- You can also adjust a pole to any height between 60cm and 105cm, to set up a tarp for example, but that will require eyeballing the height or measuring the height yourself to be precise.

- Twist lock mechanisms that tighten by turning clockwise.

- Always separate the pole sections, wipe them clean, and let them dry after use.

- Keep the baskets installed when hiking in rocky terrain.

- Read more about our warranty here.

Can I order a single pole?

If you would like to order a single pole, please leave a note at checkout "ship only 1 pole and refund 50%". This partial refund will be processed when your order is shipped.

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