In 1997 Glen Van Peski went on a backpacking trip with his son and decided their packs were way too heavy. So he invented a lighter one. None of the fabrics on the market were light enough, so he went outside the backpacking box, dug up some alternative fabric options, and built his pack. It was the first of many.
That’s how we did it, how we got this thing rolling. And our gear always continues to get lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and flat out better. Packs, shelters, trekking poles, and other accessories - we are committed to helping you lose weight.
Our fabrics are unique because they are custom. We develop them to hit that elusive sweet spot where amazingly light meets freakishly durable and really comfortable. And we keep pushing. We’re in this to make the lightest, toughest, most efficient gear you can get, and we will keep developing the materials that get us there. If you want to geek out on fabrics, click this.
We go beyond the gear.  We use it, and love to hit the trail to meet - and listen to - our fellow travellers. Take less. Do more. That’s our gospel. However we can spread the word  - on the web, in the media, or on the trail - we’re out there advocating for lightweight backpacking.