About us

Gossamer Gear is a small, passionate company whose mission is to improve your experience with backpacking with the best ultralight products. We take pride in creating some of the most innovative gear on the market while teaching and advocating for lightweight backpacking. We live to create and produce products that will further enhance your enjoyment on the trail by lightening your load. Take less. Do more.

gossamer gear ultralight packs

Back in 1997 Glen Van Peski went on a backpacking trip with his son and decided their packs were way too heavy. So he decided to invent a lighter one. None of the fabrics on the market were were light enough so he had one custom made. He sought out the lightest fasteners and zippers.

20 years later Gossamer Gear is relentlessly innovating the lightest, most comfortable packs available, and making sure everything else you pack is also as light as possible.

Our fabrics are all custom-made and custom-designed. We make all our packs in one color, because we don’t care about color. We care about having a better time on the trail, and we know travelling light is the key.

Our products have been featured in Backpacker Magazine, National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Wirecutter, Outdoor Gear Lab, MSNBC, and the New York Times.