Bug Mesh Repair Kit

Gear Aid


These repair kits provide simple solutions to fixing holes in your tents bug netting. Keep those darn mosquitoes out!

This Bug Mesh Repair Kit by Gear Aid includes a pair of 3" pre-cut patches. Adhesive used in these stickers have the same technology used in Tenacious Tape. These mesh repair patches can be used on your favorite outdoor gear or at home. Stickers are safe for use on bug netting, mesh or no-see-um screens. To apply, just smooth out the mesh you wish to repair, then peel and stick over the damaged area. Now sleep well knowing that little bugs will not be invading your personal space!

  • Patch holes and tears smaller than 2-3 in mesh and no-see-um netting
  • Easy at home or in the field repair, just peel and stick
  • Includes two 3 pre-cut Tenacious Tape mesh repair patches
  • Tenacious Tape adhesive ensures a strong bond