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Designed by the founder of Gossamer Gear to be the most fuel efficient, lightweight, no fuss backpacking cook system which all packs into a small pot cozy - no unnecessary accessories included.

We now include a StarLyte Burner with lid.

  • This ultralight backpacking stove system was designed by Glen Van Peski (founder of Gossamer Gear) himself. It provides everything you need without anything you don't need. The concept behind an ultralight stove is to boil water in the most efficient way possible, without having to carry a heavy system. Shaving weight to keep your backpack light.
  • The GVP stove features an ultralight titanium caldera cone style windscreen whose design provides the most stability and fuel efficiency in any environment. When you're done, it rolls up nicely and fits into your cooking pot along with all of the other stove accessories. This allows for maximum space-saving.
  • An upcycled "mini keg can" was used to create the cooking pot. Aluminum material makes it extremely ultralight and conductive. The cooking pot has ridges that rest on the caldera cone, eliminating the need for a pot stand.
  • This stove runs on Esbit fuel tablets giving you around 12 minutes of intense heat depending on conditions. The tablet sits on 1 gram stand nicknamed the "Gram Cracker". This system also includes a floor to maximum reflectivity and heat retention.
  • We now include a StarLyte Burner with lid.
  • Lid fits nice and tight so fuel does not evaporate. Holds 1 ounce fuel in suspension, will not spill out if accidentally tipped over. Great safety factor.
  • The whole system packs away into 15 gram ultralight cuben stuff sack. It also doubles as a pot cozy for rehydrating or keeping your food warm. Now you can wrap your hands around your cooking pot while sipping on your morning coffee.


Total Kit 4.86 oz / 138 g ( with both esbit and alcohol stove )

Esbit Tablets (3 pack) 45 g

Metal Square Floor 3 g

Cuben Cozy 15 g

Esbit Stand 1 g

Alcohol stove 18 grams

Band 5 g

Metal Pot Lid 4 g

Plastic Lid 4 g

22 oz / 650 ml Can (Pot) 20 g

Cone (Windscreen) 22 g

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