Basecamp: Tehachapi, California

Trail Resume: 

Mostly I enjoy off-trail routes requiring navigation. Here are a few of my favorite routes and long trails I have hiked:

  • Kings Canyon High Basin Route
  • Yosemite High Route
  • Southern Sierra High Route
  • Great Divide Trail
  • Theodore Solomons Trail
  • John Muir Trail 4x
  • Wind River High Route
  • Sierra High Route
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Lowest to Highest
  • Tahoe Rim Trail
  • Scotland The Great Outdoor Challenge
  • Continental Divide Trail

What It Means to Me to #takelessdomore: Over time, I have learned the freedom simplicity affords, especially in the outdoors. I have always loved the idea that everything "I need" is on my back. Packing good lightweight gear that fits, works, and is comfortable makes getting outside on a regular basis a pleasure. I plan on being out there hiking for a long time in the future and great lightweight gear is my insurance policy.

How I Got Into Ultralight Hiking: I was asked to go backpacking with a friend 30 years ago when my 10-month-old son had been sick for a period of time. I said, "Yes!" when my husband offered to care for our two children. I walked into the wilderness with borrowed gear that did not fit, and had large blisters within the first few miles and bruises from the external frame pack. But, really, all I remember was the feeling of sheer joy being outside, walking, and having everything I needed on my back. I was changed for life.

Favorite Gossamer Gear Products: Loves—Gorilla, G-20, Vagabond Packs, "The One" Tent

Favorite Trail (so far!): Anywhere in the Sierras!

Dream Trip: Finish climbing all of the 14ers in California.

Organizations I Support: Pacific Crest Trail Association.

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February 23, 2021 — Gossamer Gear