Basecamp: Atlanta, Georgia

Trail Resume: 

  • Teton Crest Trail
  • "The Narrows" in Zion National Park with my wife and (then) 8 & 11 year olds
  • Took 15 boys (Scouts) on their first backpacking trip

What It Means to Me to #takelessdomore: Scaling down to just the essentials makes literal and mental room do more with less.

How I Got Into Ultralight Hiking: My dad for sure. He exposed myself and my brothers to all things outdoors from a very young age.

Favorite Gossamer Gear Product: Right now I am loving the Gorilla 50. It really forces me to "think light" when packing for a trip, and I am constantly amazed how lightweight and comfortable it is.

Favorite Trail (so far!): Favorite trail so far would be the Teton Crest Trail. The views, man!

Dream Trip: I'd love to tackle Glacier National Park in the near future. It's a bucket list place for me.

Organizations I Support: I love the work that Greening Youth Foundation is doing. Their mission is "to engage under-represented youth and young adults, while connecting them to the outdoors and careers in conservation," and I am passionate about that, as well.

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February 23, 2021 — Gossamer Gear