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Trail Ambassadors Will Reitvelt and Janet Reichl Give a Talk about Ultralight Backpacking

Update: Gossamer Gear no longer hosts an event calendar

Do you want to attend an ultralight backpacking gear demo? Need help planning a thru-hike? Are you looking for a hiking group to join or a cool backpacking trip to go on? If so, check out Gossamer Gear's New Event Calendar which lists talks, trips, and gear demos held by Gossamer Gear's staff and Trail Ambassadors throughout the United States and internationally.

"Our Trail Ambassadors are not just pretty faces on a web page", says Gossamer Gear President, Grant Sible. "They're all experts on ultralight and lightweight backpacking, who give talks and gear demos, teach classes, and lead hiking trips in their local communities."

The purpose of the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Program has always been to help build the ultralight and lightweight backpacking community by sponsoring hikers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences with others. Reading about those skills on the Internet is not the same as hearing about them first hand and seeing them demonstrated by a fellow hiker.

"Our ambassadors are trip leaders, meetup organizers, scout masters, and trail maintainers who freely volunteer their time to the hiking and backpacking community," says Sible. "Glen Van Peski and I are very proud of our Trail Ambassadors and invite you to attend one of the many events they hold during the year."


Gossamer Gear Event Calendar
February 26, 2014 — Brian Fryer