Creating goals for a brand new year can be invigorating. It's a great way to create a blank slate and have something new to work toward. The problem is, most of us make resolutions we fail to keep - even before winter ends. Instead of vowing to go to the gym everyday, cutting out sugar from your diet, or actually creating the hundreds of DIY projects you pinned this year, aim to create goals you'll actually keep.


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New Year's Resolution Idea List

Spend a night in the woods: If you enjoy car camping, you'll love backpacking! Explore more with everything you need on your back. We break it down with what you really need so you can get out without carrying fifty pounds. You won't even miss your frying pan!

Learn how to properly poop in the woods: If you've made the decision to jump into backpacking, you'll need to know how to properly poop in the woods. We've got you covered with straightforward information so you can go from clueless to pro cathole digger in no time. We don't beat around the bush!

Go on a solo hike: You may be on the fence about hiking by yourself. After all, you've probably heard dozens of people tell you how dangerous it is! Learn why a fellow hiker goes solo and a few tips to make your first outing successful and safe.

Take your kids hiking: The prevalence of technology is often beneficial but it can be a huge barrier for parents connecting with their children. Make some time in 2016 to unplug with your family on a hike. If you haven't yet tried backpacking with your kids, then give it a whirl! You'll be surprised by how much everyone benefits from it and with these tips, we guarantee your kids will ask to go again.

Go on a long distance hike - without quitting your job: If you can string together enough vacation time to get away for week or two, get your calendar ready! We have some great trip ideas that will fit your time frame and are different than the usual recommendations. Now you have no excuse to have a trip of a lifetime!

Start a trail journal: A journal can be a great way to capture your journey that in turn will be a great memento for years to come. Keeping a trail journal is one of the time-honored traditions in the hiking community. Try it on your next hike!

Learn how to go lightweight backpacking: Going lightweight is easier than you think. It requires a little extra effort with gear research and skill evaluation, but the benefits to going lightweight make the planning worth it. Make 2016 the year you finally reduce the weight in your pack so you can explore more this year!

Go on more weekend hikes: Think you can't conquer big hikes? Think again! Weekend warriors can accomplish a lot if they learn how to take advantage of these weekend opportunities fully. Learn the tips you need to know to make the most of your weekends.

The best goals are ones that you actually look forward to and will improve your life! These goals get you outside either through preparation or practice, giving you something to look forward to even on a Monday in the office.

If you're looking to build better relationships, instill good habits, or make memories that will last a lifetime, introduce someone you love to the outdoors!

Still thinking you need to make the same resolutions as everyone else? These goals may actually help you lose weight without ever hitting the gym, be the ying to your sugar craving yang, and will keep you busy enough that you won't even remember your Pinterest password. 2016 is starting to sound exciting!

Do you have any exciting goals for next year?

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December 27, 2015 — Brian Fryer