G4 backpack

So back about 9 years ago I decided to go on a semi-serious backpacking trip with my old man: a 36-mile, three day trek spanning a portion of Section D on the PCT and ending at Hiker Heaven. Long story short, after the first night I did not want to sleep in the wilderness again, so I toughed out a 27 mile day, being driven by the glory that was and is Hiker Heaven. For this trip I had requested a custom made G4 backpack from my father Glen, complete with the colors of my choosing. I was going through a weird patriotic, "America, F-Yeah!" kind of phase at the juvenile age of 14, and chose red, white, and blue. In retrospect the main reason for going on this trip was not experiencing the great outdoors, or gaining precious ultralight backpacking insight and knowledge, but to get an awesome custom backpack out of it. I was young and naive. Though the prospect of the great outdoors is much more alluring at my (slightly) older age, I can't say the prospect of a custom backpack isn't equally so. What would your ideal color scheme be for a custom backpack?

–Grant Van Peski

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October 25, 2012 — Brian Fryer