I thought you all might appreciate the attached photo of my 4-year-old SpinnTwinn in the Trinity Alps in the Klamath Mountains (please ignore the crappy pitch… I set it up in a snowstorm and was cold and in a hurry… and of course it still stayed taught all night. It's got over 3500 miles on it and I've put it through hell. It's been used in all 4 seasons throughout CA, OR, WA and WY, on 14ers, in the snow, in the desert, you name it. It's held up in wind storms where the only thing keeping me awake all night was the sound of hiking companions around me re-staking their "real shelters" all night long. In 2009, it suffered a couple of (tiny) holes after being entangled in chaparral in the Mojave and the two resulting silnylon patches were the only repairs I've ever had to make.

So, thanks for the great product and I'm looking forward to many more years of use in the future!

Julian Plamann

Update: We no longer supply this product. You can check out our updated tarps with this same design.

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July 12, 2012 — Brian Fryer