One of our customers sent us a letter recently with some pictures. This was such an unusual location that we thought we would post the letter and the pictures for you to see. It is really cool to see somebody who is such an ultralight advocate using our products in exotic locations. Thanks Reuben!

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Gossamer Gear,

My name is Reuben Bolieu and I am a user of your fine products. I am a writer/photographer/wilderness instructor from California. I backpack and hike all over the world. I have been using the Nightlight (torso), and Thinlight insulation pads for over 5 years straight on every adventure. I have also been using the Gossamer G6 Whisper Uberlite pack for most of my adventures. I actually rotate that pack with the Fanatic Fringe Alpine Trail depending on the environment.

I just recently returned (yesterday) from a 10 day trip into the Peruvian Rainforest where I was teaching Jungle Survival. I opted to use the G6 Whisper pack for the entire trek along with the Thinlight pad for sitting on during those 6 hour rides on the Amazon River, and using inside a swamp bed or hammock. It is great for keeping the mosquito's from stinging my head and torso in a hammock.

Please feel free to look me up and see that I am what I say I am. Thank you for your great products over the years!

–Reuben Bolieu

June 24, 2011 — Brian Fryer