Glen goes to Japan

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Gossamer Gear | Nov 12, 2010

So, the story starts awhile back, at an Outdoor Retailer show. Takashi Fukuchi, who represents Evernew in the U.S., asked Glen about coming to Japan to share a talk on ultralight techniques and philosophy. There were many planning sessions with Takashi and Tsuchiya Tomo, owner of Hiker's Depot in Japan. Evernew agreed to sponsor the event, and plans were formed to include a hike. The many logistics of where to hike, how many people could go on the hike, and who should be included had to be worked out. Eventually, the plan coalesced into a 4-day hike in the Chichibu mountains, followed by Glen giving two sessions of the presentation (an afternoon and evening session, since the venue could only seat 50 people). See pictures, gear lists, and more story…

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