Dave from Gossamer and his friend Tom Bentley wanted to go to Chile to do an epic trek. When we started looking at Chile, we immediately thought of Torres de Paine. But we soon heard there was another spot to check out called Cochamo. It was being described as an up and coming climbing destination and was the "Yosemite of South America." We did a little research and found a local outfitter to help us with the trip and ended up on an eight day trek through Cochamo River valley, some ancient rain forests and through some amazing farmland that was like a walk back in time. Dave used the Murmur as a day pack and the One as a shelter. We were prepared for the epic rains of Patagonia but somehow completely lucked out and never saw a drop of it. Chile is an amazing spot and I would definitely recommend this trek. There is a photo gallery set up to show more pics.

Trail Cochamo Chile house Cochamo Chile Hiking Cochamo Chile
April 14, 2010 — Brian Fryer