UL Tarp Show

BPL Northeast Meetup - UL Tarp Show and Tell

Gossamer Gear is making a big push this year to grow the lightweight and ultralight backpacking community by increasing the number of Trail Ambassadors it sponsors to 100 by the end of 2013. "The Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Program", says company president Grant Sible, "has been very successful in educating the wider hiking community about the benefits of lighter weight backpacking gear. Our goal is to recruit more ambassadors so that hiking clubs, outdoor organizations and communities can tap into our Trail Ambassador network for advice or assistance in educating their members about lightweight backpacking gear and skills."

Trail Ambassador JJ Mathes

Trail Ambassador JJ Mathes teaches female backpackers how to go light

"We have an amazingly diverse set of Trail Ambassadors", says Glen Van Peski, Gossamer Gear's founder, "and that's something we want to preserve as we recruit more Ambassadors this year. Our Trail Ambassadors are Scout masters, hiking and backpacking trip leaders, Leave No Trace trainers, smokejumpers, packrafters, bushwhackers, mountaineers, ridge-runners, and trail maintainers. If there's one thing they share, it's a personal passion to educate, teach, and mentor others about the benefits of lightweight and utralight backpacking. Membership in Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program gives us a chance to recognize their efforts to and to plug them into an international network of other Trail Ambassadors who are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with one another. "

Be sure to visit the Trail Ambassador Program Description and Application Form for more information about the benefits of becoming a Trail Ambassador and to fill out the application form. If you're active in the hiking and backpacking community and involved in teaching or mentoring other hikers about the benefits of lightening their pack weight, we encourage you to apply to the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program.