Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors

Gossamer Gear welcomes another outstanding group of new Trail Ambassadors including David Lintern, Guy Parker, Joe Jacaruso, Heather Knight, Whitney La Ruffa, Sheldon Feigel, Dan Bortz, Evan Chartier, Carrot Quinn, Jan McEwen, Brian Reyman, Dave Brunstein, and Bryon Solberg.

"The most effective way to learn about carrying a lighter weight backpack is face-to-face from someone who's been through the process in the context of a club hiking trip, a gear demo or pre-trip gear shakedown, or a scouting program." says Grant Sible, president of Gossamer Gear. "The purpose of the Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador program is to support lightweight and ultralight hikers who are already teaching and mentoring others by providing them with teaching aids and demo gear, publicizing the courses or hikes that they lead, and to inspire hikers interested in lightening their packs by sharing our Trail Ambassadors' experiences with them."

Located throughout the United States and the United Kingdom, this new group of Trail Ambassadors holds leadership and teaching positions with organizations and hiking clubs including The John Muir Society, The Boy Scouts of America, Leave No Trace, the American Long Distance Hikers Association, Big City Mountaineers, Colgate University, American Pilgrims on the Camino, and Meetup.com.

Gossamer Gear is expanding the Trail Ambassador Program to 100 people this year and there are still spots open for qualified candidates. For more information about the Trail Ambassador Program or to apply, please visit the program description and application page.

Please welcome these new Trail Ambassadors to the Gossamer Gear family!