New 2017 Products!

We are thrilled to announce the line of new products for 2017! There have been some updates made to customer favorites like the Type 2 and Kumo and some brand new packs and accessories we are excited to share with you! You can also learn a bit about the new packs and what we've changed with some of our existing packs as well as get a quick snapshot of the weights, fabrics and features of the new packs and accessories!

Throughout the last few years our ambassadors in the Northeast, Pacific Northwest, and other parts of the country were using various Gossamer packs in the winter and hiking in dense brush. While on these winter trips and time spent off trail (bushwhacking as it's called in the Northeast) we found the Robic fabric held up exceptionally well, but the mesh pockets would fail to make it back to the trailhead without battle wounds. We decided to beef up the Gorilla eliminating the mesh and making it hackable into multiple configurations. Don't need the brain? Remove it to move easily through dense woods! With the Silverback, you can go light and still have a pack with room for crampons, straps to hold snowshoes, and the ice axe! This is our toughest pack. meet the Gorilla's big brother: The Silverback.


The Vagabond serves so many purposes and fills a void we felt we needed a pack for. Often our staff, ambassadors, and customers would take a pack like the Type 2 or Quiksak on a plane or use in a more urban setting, but it wasn't exactly designed for that purpose and lacked a few key elements. The Vagabond has the classic pack straps so you can toss it over your shoulder or choose to hold it by the tote handles at the park, farmer's market, sightseeing, anywhere really. You can comfortably use the hydration sleeve as a laptop sleeve when you're traveling and the external pockets actually make it quite a convenient diaper bag for those looking for an alternative. With so many uses, we're curious to see where you take it!


The Murmur is our no frills ultralight hiker's dream pack and it just got even better! We made a switch to a very lightweight and waterproof fabric to help you take your adventures even further!


The Kumo is one of our most versatile packs, perfect for day hiking, weekend trips, or even as a thru hiking pack for the right person. We've upgraded to a tougher material and simplified with one size for this pack.


Our RikSak had a fabric makeover and is now made of a custom 30 denier Robic nylon. Getting to the basics, it's much tougher and can handle being shoved into another pack, stuffed with gear, and roughed up ascending scree fields.

fast belt: Gossamer Gear new products for 2017

Depending on how much weight you carry, having a chest and hipbelt to carry the load is necessary. If you're going light you may not need to wear a hipbelt at all. The Fast Belt is a great in between option as you can ditch the larger hipbelt but still have use of the convenient pockets!


The Type 2 is a staff favorite and a versatile summit and day pack. It also received new tougher look with a mix of a custom Robic Nylon and Extreema Grid. The pockets are no longer mesh!


The last of the new products for 2017 is a brand new pack liner which is the perfect companion to a new pack! We've always been fans of our clear waterproof pack liners but you can also choose a long lasting Robic liner as a sustainable option. These liner bags have watertight taped seams and have a roll top closure to keep everything dry.

Thank you!

Thanks to our customers and ambassadors for the inspiration!

February 23, 2017 — Brian Fryer