The 2012 Gorilla™ Ultralight backpack from Gossamer Gear is the proud successor to its award winning namesake. Built on the same platform as the original we have upgraded it for durability, functionality, and feature set.

dyneema gorilla

This Gorilla™ is constructed largely of our custom 140 denier Dyneema GGridstop™ fabric for a sweetspot blend of toughness and weight. The 2012 Gorilla™ now sports 6 exterior pockets for loads of options for organizing and accessing your gear. The Gorilla™ Ultralight is a top loader and utilizes our OTT™ (over-the-top) closure system for a simple, solid, secure closure that also includes an integrated zippered top pocket. Also new is a taller more padded hipbelt with integrated pockets for a plusher more comfortable ride. Completing the harness is our new comfy curved shoulder strap system and groovy new EZClip™ sternum strap and accessory mounting system. The 2012 Gorilla™ backpack has an updated compression system that works with the OTT to compress vertically as well as horizontally. This compression lacing also serves to lash a jacket, foam pad, or other gear to the sides or top of the pack. Inside the pack you'll find an updated version of our proprietary removable stay and an integrated hydration sleeve. At just over a pound and a half complete the Gorilla™ remains Ultralight to the core and is tougher and more feature rich than ever. See more at the Product Page.

Update: We no longer supply the Dyneema pack - please see updated Gorilla.

April 13, 2012 — Brian Fryer