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We are in Franklin North Carolina having finished two milestones: 1. Finished Georgia, and 2. Completed 100 miles.

It is a rainy day and we hitched to town to dry off. It is almost scary how fast we got a hitch and then a ride within town to a motel. We know it can not always be this easy.

We are meeting lots of hikers of course. Lots of young people that are fun to talk to. I love how excited they are about everything… and it's fun to see what they pull out of their pack. (one guy had 16 books… he is now called the word bringer). Then there are people that have hiked it already giving everyone else advice. We have decided not to tell people that we have hiked it unless they ask. It's funny the previous hikers are so busy telling you how to do it and what's next that they never get around to asking you if you've done it.

It is really nice to be around all this green. We have been munching on sassafrass and digging all the rododendron and spring flowers.

Love to all, The Noodleheads

ps. the pic is of us on day 1 with our 2002 buddies.

April 18, 2012 — Brian Fryer