Let’s talk about carabiners. The unsung heroes of your gear kit. What we’re sure Bruce Springsteen would refer to as, “the ties that bind.” What our cool kid copywriting team calls, “groovy carabiners for clipping hiking gear stuff to other stuff.”

There are so many things one can do with a carabiner like the Gossamer Gear mini carabiner. Of course, we also must say here that our particular carabiners are NOT meant for climbing. So, they have 99 uses, but climbing ain't one.

In this blog, we’re not going to cover all 99 uses, but we are going to share 20. So, get inspired, friends!

1. Clip your keys to your pants (or wherever).

Never lose your keys again. Attach them to your belt loop with a carabiner and they’ll be wherever you are whenever you need them. If you want to get risky, you can also attach them to a backpack, your water bottle, a hook, or any other number of places. Just remember where that was.

2. Fix the latch on your chicken coop.

Tired of the raccoons getting into your chicken coop, harassing your hens, and eating your eggs? It’s time you replaced that old latch that never seems to latch. Slap a carabiner on that thing and call it good!

3. Create an ultralight bear hanging system.

Pair a carabiner with our DynaGlide Bear Hanging Line to create the ultimate lightweight bear hanging system. Bears will see your pack dangling so high up on a branch, sigh with disappointment, and keep moving.

4. Connect gear to your pack.

Slap a carabiner on a variety of gear—your coffee mug, a flashlight, your stinky Teva sandals, a handkerchief, birding binoculars, whatever—and attach it to your pack for easy access while on the trail.

5. Wear one as jewelry.

Want everyone to know you love carabiners and everything they stand for? Clip one to an elegant silver necklace chain and wear it as a statement piece to your next ballroom gala.

6. DIY your own bohemian bead curtain.

Try clipping several carabiners into a chain multiple times and then connecting each of those chains to your door frame for a super chic “bead” curtain.

7. Hang your shower curtain.

Ran out of hooks for your shower curtain? Did one break and you don’t want to have to buy a whole new pack? Slap a carabiner on that thing!

8. Consider them as reusable staples.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. No more stapling things together. Awkwardly attach your papers with a carabiner next time instead. Your boss will thank you when they receive that annual report from you and realize how much you care about your company’s new sustainability initiative.

9. Organize your grocery bags.

Do you have a messy pile of reusable grocery bags mocking you in a corner of your house or toppling around in the trunk of your car? Clip a carabiner around the handles for greater peace of mind.

10. Clip your pooch’s leash to something secure.

Need to hop into your local hipster fermented organic foods shop for a quick kombucha on draft? Clip Fido to the railing outside where you can keep an eye on him while you make your purchase.

11. Use it as a napkin ring at your next formal dinner party.

Class up your next dinner party with some fancy napkin rings. People know you’ve made it when you use napkin rings. They really know you’ve made it when those napkin rings are carabiners. Trust us here.

12. Make your own three-ring binder for the kiddos.

Tired of the same old back-to-school purchases? Instead of getting your kid a three-ring binder this year for their physics class, encourage them to just use three carabiners instead.

13. Fix the connectors on your suspenders.

Did the attachment pieces on your favorite suspenders finally wear out? Don’t cry, dear one. Simply replace them with carabiners and attach those to your belt loops and they’ll look good as new.

14. Organize your hair ties.

Can you never find a hair tie for your man bun when you need it most? Does your cat steal your stray hair ties if they’re left solo on a table somewhere? Clip them all together on a carabiner so they’re organized and easier to find.

15. Decorate your Christmas tree.

Carabiners make stunning ornaments. Clip them all over the branches of your Christmas tree and enjoy how the lights reflect off their metal brilliance.

16. Make a very fashionable belt.

Clip a bunch together for the perfect belt that can grow and change with you through your different seasons of life. Once everyone starts asking where you got your incredibly stylish belt, consider starting a little pop-up shop or selling your creations on Etsy, you fashion entrepreneur, you!

17. Replace your coat rack.

I think we can all agree that coat racks are bulky and pretentious. Instead, try hanging your coats with carabiners to simple hooks on the wall.

18. Extend your zipper pull.

Sometimes the little pull tab they give you on your zipper just isn’t enough, especially if you have chilly winter hands with compromised dexterity. Connect a carabiner to that pull tab and never fret over zipping up your coat again.

19. Untangle your many electrical cords.

In this digital age, it can sometimes feel like electric cords are winning. They coat our homes like invasive kudzu plants throughout the southeast. Tame those beasts with carabiners!

20. Walk around town pointing at things with one.

Want everyone to know you like carabiners and everything they stand for? Want to look like a climber even though you’re not and don’t really want to be? Grab a few carabiners and walk around town pointing at things with them. Make sure people see you doing it so they can look at you in admiration while thinking about how you’re “one of those people.”

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Editor's Note October 25, 2021: An earlier version of this blog used the shortened, slang term for carabiner. Many thanks to our community for educating us that the term is audibly identical to a racial slur that can be offensive to people of Mexican descent and heritage. We've removed its use from our website copy and all materials moving forward. If you'd like to learn more about the issue, check out this great article on the topic.

October 22, 2021 — Korrin Bishop