Backpacking Women Trips

DC UL Backpacking Women's Trips

The DC UL Backpacking Meet-up, a local hiking and backpacking group in the Washington DC area, is kicking off a series of women's only backpacking trips starting this fall. The series is aimed at getting new group members on the trail, learning about ways to lighten loads, and helping people transition to longer mileage days.

The first trip is scheduled for September 14 - 15, 2013 and will be a low mileage backpack in the Otter Creek Wilderness (W.Va.)

Good for beginners interested in testing their gear and their limits, we'll have an easy 16 miles for the weekend. The plan is to head out early Saturday morning from the Vienna metro to Otter Creek Wilderness (Mylius Trailhead).

Our route on Saturday is about 10 miles long with the biggest climb at the beginning and one steep descent near the end. Otherwise, we'll be enjoying moderate terrain for most of the day. We'll hit a number of trails that first day–going along the Mylius Trail to Shavers Mountain, and then heading along the Green Mountain Trail to the Otter Creek Trail. The plan is to camp near the intersection of the Otter Creek Trail with Moore's Run, giving us some time to enjoy the swimming holes and other nearby trails. Sunday, we'll have an easy six miles back to the cars.

Those participating should take a look at this map to familiarize themselves with the route. Also, note that this is typically shorter than most of our trips, so it is a great opportunity for new members to get out on the trail, meet others in the group, and test your skills.