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A recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune featured a young man who is a Gossamer Gear customer. Jace 'Minor' Mullen lives in Oceanside, California, not far from Glen. Their paths crossed, either through Boy Scouts or Adventure 16, and Jace ended up over at Glen's house a couple of times, going through gear. One thing led to another, and this year Jace finished a PCT thru-hike at age 17, completing the 2,650 miles in 122 days.

With his Mariposa, Squall Classic and Lightrek poles, Jace's base pack weight of 10 lbs. allowed him to power through the miles. The PCT became more than a trail he walked on for a summer, it became part of a life path. Jace is now in Wyoming for NOLS training, and wants to pursue a career in Wilderness Medicine.

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December 13, 2012 — Brian Fryer