EZC2 Tarp Guyline



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Product Description

Our 1.7mm cord with reflective tracer.

This line is used on all our shelters and is perfect for a multitude of tasks.  It a highly visible blue with reflective tracers woven in for visibility at night.  It has a 1.7 mm diameter which give it a large enough diameter to be useful will conventional knots.  It’s dyneema core gives it an amazing strength for its incredibly light weight.  Get a package for use around the camp. While the strength of EZC2 line would certainly allow it's use in bear-bagging for one or two travelers, we do not recommend this use, as the polyester sheath is abrasive and harmful to many trees.  For that purpose please consider our pure spectra line.

Included is 50 feet of EZC2 Line.


Per Foot 0.03 oz / 0.85 g

Total 1.5 oz / 42.5 g


Diameter 1.7 mm

Quantity 50' / 15 meters


225 lbs. / 100 kg