Ultralight Backpacking Trowel



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Product Description

Patent Pending design hand made in the USA. This small shovel is designed to be used by ultralight backpackers and hikers as a potty trowel.

Made of super tough aircraft grade aluminum which has a strength to weight ratio rivaling that of the highest grade titanium. Use it to pry through rocky soil without fear of bending or damaging the tip. Holes along the spine improve grip while digging. Also thread a rope through the two holes in the center of the trowel to use it as a deadman anchor. Also makes a great spare tent stake, shoehorn and flyswatter. This pocket sized, virtually weightless shovel is also a great companion for gardening and metal detecting.

  • Weighs less than 5 Pennies!
  • Made in the USA.
  • End cap provides comfort and digging power, use full force while digging without the handle cutting into your palm.
  • Compare to TheTentLab Deuce #2. The BoglerCo UL trowel is longer, lighter, and more comfortable to use.


Average .48 oz / 13.5 g


Length 7.25”

Made of aircraft grade aluminum