Enjoy warm meals for longer with our all-new PotPocket.



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Product Description

We start with a PE foam structure, laminate it with heat reflective polyester film, and then wrap the exterior with a Tyvek casing. The result is a well-insulated little space blanket for your food that cleans up easy in the case of a spill. The PotPocket is offered in two sizes to fit most backpacking pots, and doubles as a place to store your cooking system.

Medium fits most 550ml -750ml (D95mm) pots.
Large fits most 750ml - 1100ml (D115mm) pots.


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  • Built-in handle
  • Tapered top for effortless folding
  • Easy-clean interior
  • Optimal materials for structure & insulation


Medium 19.8 g / 0.7 oz

Large 25.5 g / 0.9 oz

Dimensions (Large)

Height (top of insulated section) 4.13"

Height (extended) 7.5"

Diameter (top) 6.5"

Diameter (top of insulated section) 5.75"

Diameter (bottom) 5"

Dimensions (Medium)

Height (top of insulated section) 4.13"

Height (extended) 7.25"

Diameter (top) 5.25"

Diameter (top of insulated section) 4.75"

Diameter (bottom) 4"

Pot Sizing

Medium fits most 550ml -750ml (D95mm) pots

Large fits most 750ml - 1100ml (D115mm) pots

Coated Ultralight Tyvek

Heat reflective polyester film

PE foam