San Jacinto Mountains

Hiking on the edge near Apache Peak in the San Jacinto Mountains, California. Photo by Meredith Altland.

With few pictures that include actual hikers/gear, we are pleased to notice a Gossamer Gear Mariposa peeking out from the July photo of the 2013 PCTA calendar. The hardy thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail definitely benefit from 'taking less' so they can 'do more'.

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is vital to the perpetuation of a beautiful and maintained PCT for future generations. "The mission of the Pacific Crest Trail Association is to protect, preserve and promote the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail as an internationally significant resource for the enjoyment of hikers and equestrians, and for the value that wild and scenic lands provide to all people."

Joining is a great way to help out in this mission of protecting, preserving, and promoting the trail. Visit the Pacific Crest Trail Assocation's website for more information.

PCTA Calendar
November 01, 2012 — Brian Fryer