Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassadors

Gossamer Gear welcomes another outstanding group of Trail Ambassadors to the Gossamer Gear family this month including James Marco, Lee Fields, and Renee Tougas, who bring a diverse and impressive set of qualifications, experiences, and perspectives to the Gossamer Gear family.

"While Gossamer Gear's roots are in the ultralight and thru-hiking communities, our customers' needs have expanded well beyond that particular style of hiking," says Gossamer Gear's President Grant Sible. "The purpose of our Trail Ambassador Program is to reach out to new groups of hikers, many who can only get away for the day or a weekend at a time, but who still need comfortable and durable lightweight backpacking gear. All of us share the same passion, to get out and experience the Wilderness."

Gossamer Gear is expanding the Trail Ambassador Program this year and there are still spots open for qualified candidates. For more information about the Trail Ambassador Program or to apply, please visit the program description and application page.

Please welcome these new Trail Ambassadors to the Gossamer Gear family!