Feb. 1997 Glen orders fabric for the G1
1998 Glen makes the G2, G3 and G4
May 1999 Glen creates a pattern for the G4
Nov. 1999 Quest Outfitters starts selling instructions and patterns with materials for G4 “kits”.
Nov. 1999 Glen takes first order, price is $100 for two packs.
Mar. 2000 GVP Gear is formed
Apr. 2000 First shipments of manufactured packs start. Packs are available in one size with a choice of color. First packs were made out of silnylon.
Jan. 2001 “Flyin’ Brian” Robinson starts his calendar year Triple Crown quest with his G4 pack.
Feb. 2001 Started shipping packs made out of 2.2 oz. coated ripstop nylon, still in one size and four colors.
Apr. 2001 Production caught up with demand for the first time, and there was actual inventory.
May 2001 “Flyin’ Brian” Robinson takes delivery on the PCT of his customized smaller volume G4, with three gold crowns embroidered on it, for his Triple Crown quest.
Jun. 2001 Went to a tougher netting for the mesh pockets, tried a full-length, top load pad holder to prevent bowing in the middle.
Dec. 2001 Pack number 500 goes to Randy Rhodes.
Feb. 2002 Production shifted to one color (forest) to accommodate the addition of a “small” size.
Feb. 2002 The first website, done by Glen’s teenage son Brian, was retired, and a new website was launched, web work done by Glen’s sister Brooke.
Feb. 2002 GVP Gear mentioned in National Geographic Adventure’s article on Brian Robinson’s Triple Crown.
May 2002 An early G5 prototype hits the Pacific Crest Trail.
May 2002 First offered packs in size “large”.
Aug. 2002 Sternum straps offered as an option on standard packs.
Sep. 2002 Pack number 1000 goes to Sharon Jewell.
Nov. 2002 Revised the sternum strap and waist belt configuration.
Feb. 2003 First production G5 packs start shipping.
Mar. 2003 Pack number 1500 goes to Chris Johnson.
Jul. 2003 GVP Gear mentioned in New York Times article.
Aug. 2003 Ray “Wall” Greenlaw sets a new PCT record of 83 days with his G4 pack.
Dec. 2003 Pack number 2000 goes to Caryl Bergeron.
2003 SpinnShelter and SpinnTwinn start shipping
Apr. 2004 GVP/Gossamer Gear starts shipping Lightrek carbon fiber trekking poles, Evazote® convoluted “Mt. Washington” type pads (the Nightlight series), and other new products.
Jun. 2004 Gossamer Gear website launched.
Dec. 2005 Gossamer Gear moves operations to Austin, Texas.
Sep. 2006 Squall Classic introduced
Mar. 2007 Mariposa™ Plus introduced with NEW removable waste belt system for better fit.
Apr. 2007 Miniposa Ultralight Backpack introduced
Feb. 2008 The One fully enclosed shelter introduced, first fully enclosed shelter to weight 1 lb.
Jun. 2008 Murmur Super Ultralight Backpack introduced
Jan. 2009 Mariposa™ Plus improved with Curved Stays
Feb. 2009 Gorilla Ultralight Backpack introduced