Events that define who we are today

Feb. 1997

Glen orders fabric for the G1


Glen makes the G2, G3 and G4

May 1999

Glen creates a pattern for the G4

Nov. 1999

Quest Outfitters starts selling instructions and patterns with materials for G4 “kits”.

Nov. 1999

Glen takes first order, price is $100 for two packs.

Mar. 2000

GVP Gear is formed

Apr. 2000

First shipments of manufactured packs start. Packs are available in one size with a choice of color. First packs were made out of silnylon.

Feb. 2001

Started shipping packs made out of 2.2 oz. coated ripstop nylon, still in one size and four colors.

Apr. 2001

Production caught up with demand for the first time, and there was actual inventory.

May 2001

"Flyin' Brian" Robinson purchased and used a G4 (pack no. 5) for the start of his Calendar Year Triple Crown in 2001. After meeting up with Brian at the PCT Kickoff in April, Glen made him a customized G4/G5 with three embroidered gold crowns, which he used for much of the PCT and CDT. Brian was unable to finish his historic trip with his custom pack because it got misplaced on the Greyhound Bus journey back to the AT. It later resurfaced and was returned to him.

Jun. 2001

Went to a tougher netting for the mesh pockets, tried a full-length, top load pad holder to prevent bowing in the middle.

Dec 2001

Pack number 500 goes to Randy Rhodes.


Nimblewill Nomad - used a G4 for his Transcontinental Hike in 2001, and used a pack based on the G4 for his Sea to Shining Sea trek in 2002. Nimblewill holds the honor, as far as we know, of the most miles on a G4 (9,500)… and a sad-lookin’ G4 it was indeed! Nimblewill has continued to lighten his load, and took a Murmur on his 2008 thru-hike of the PCT, and used a Murmur for his 2009 thru-hike of the North Country Trail.

Feb. 2002

Production shifted to one color (forest) to accommodate the addition of a “small” size.

The first website, done by Glen’s teenage son Brian, was retired, and a new website was launched, web work done by Glen’s sister Brooke.

May 2002

An early G5 prototype hits the Pacific Crest Trail.

First offered packs in size “large”.

Backpacker Magazine: G4 backpack selected by write-in ballot for the “Challenge the Editor: The Ultralight Report – I saw the Light”

Aug. 2002

Sternum straps offered as an option on standard packs.

The Great Outdoors (UK): G4 pack reviewed by Chris Townsend. “It makes ultralight packs look heavy.”

Sep. 2002

Pack number 1000 goes to Sharon Jewell.

Nov. 2002

Revised the sternum strap and waist belt configuration.

Feb. 2003

First production G5 packs start shipping.

Jul. 2003

New York Times: GVP Gear featured. “On the Trail, With the Clothes On Your Back and Little More” by James Gorman.

Aug. 2003

Ray “Wall” Greenlaw sets a new PCT record of 83 days with his G4 pack.

Dec. 2003

Pack number 2000 goes to Caryl Bergeron.


SpinnShelter and SpinnTwinn start shipping

Apr. 2004

GVP/Gossamer Gear starts shipping Lightrek carbon fiber trekking poles, Evazote® convoluted “Mt. Washington” type pads (the Nightlight series), and other new products.

Jun. 2004

Gossamer Gear website launched.

Jan. 2005

The Gossamer Gear Lightrek poles and the Ultralight-Sports fingertip toothbrush garnered “Best of Adventure 2004” awards in National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Dec. 2005

Gossamer Gear moves operations to Austin, Texas. Current President Grant Sible hired.


Sub 4oz. Whisper introduced

Sep. 2006

Squall Classic introduced

Mar. 2007

Mariposa™ Plus introduced with NEW removable waist belt system for better fit.

Received trademark for 'Gossamer Gear'

Apr. 2007

Miniposa Ultralight Backpack introduced


Ambassador Francis Tapon completes first CDT yo-yo

Feb. 2008

The One fully enclosed shelter introduced, first fully enclosed shelter to weigh 1 lb.

Jun. 2008

Murmur Super Ultralight Backpack introduced


LT3s and LT4s introduced

Jan. 2009

Mariposa™ Plus improved with new aluminum Curved Stays

Feb. 2009

Gorilla Ultralight Backpack introduced

Twinn Tarp introduced

Gossamer Gear joins Facebook

Aug. 2009

New York Times: “How to Recharge Your Soul” by Nicholas D. Kristof

G4 is mentioned in the article as one of 10 ways to make your backpacking experience better.

Nov. 2010

Web 2.0 website launch

Dec. 2010

Hipster and Riksak introduced

Feb. 2011

Cuben Fiber Twinn Tarp introduced

Jul. 2011

Received trademark for 'The One'

Apr. 2012

Kumo introduced

Aug. 2011

Received trademark for 'Mariposa'


After Colorado-based production facility closes, Gossamer Gear moves backpack production to Mexico

Tres Chicas sport GG packs while hiking south to north across South America

May 2013

Gossamer Gear moves from a garage to first commercial property

Aug. 2013

Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson sets FKT on the Pacific Crest Trail

Dec. 2013

Gossamer Gear places first backpack order in Vietnam

Jan. 2014

Current VP Jonathan Schmid hired at Gossamer Gear to cut polycryo groundsheets part-time


Glen designs the Crotchpot. The world will never be the same.

Jan. 2015

Gossamer Gear Ambassadors & Insiders retreat in Moab.

Sep. 2015

Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson sets FKT on the Appalachian Trail

Apr. 2016

Crotchpot introduced

May 2016

Updated version of Kumo introduced


Vagabond introduced

Jan. 2017

Received trademark for 'take less. do more.'

Feb. 2017

Silverback introduced

Mar. 2017

Our LT4 trekking poles are voted Wirecutter's unanimous favorite

LT5s introduced

Sep. 2017

The Two introduced

Ambassador Ras "UltraPedestrian" Vaughn completes the Drakensberg Grand Traverse across South Africa and Lesotho

Mar. 2018

Mariposa wins best pack in Backpacker Magazine - 'Editor's Choice: The Best Backpacking Gear of the Year'

May 2018

The GG crew hikes The Great Outdoors Challenge in Scotland

Jul. 2018

Ones and Twos back in stock with updated fabrics and a charcoal gray color

Aug. 2018

Gossamer Gear moves to new HQ in Austin, TX with a larger warehouse.

Oct. 2018

Jeff Garmire aka 'Legend' completes the 7,000 mile Great Western Loop using a Gorilla, One, and LT5s in under 7 months.

Nov. 2018

Ambassador Heather “Anish” Anderson becomes the first woman to complete a Calendar Year Triple Crown in 251 days, 20 hours, and 10 minutes (her third triple crown).

Dec. 2018

Gossamer Gear's 20th Anniversary

Mar. 2019

Gossamer Gear hosts 1st HQ Open House party

Apr. 2019

Jeff Garmire aka "Legend" sets the self supported FKT on the Arizona Trail using a Kumo, One, and LT5s in 15.5 days.

Jul. 2019

Release of Big Bend 100 short film

Sep. 2019

Ambassador Andrew Glenn completes a snowy 3,800 miles linking up the CDT and GDT in one season

Oct. 2019

G4-20 introduced

The One is featured in The Trek's "Best Thru-Hiking Tents of 2019"

Dec. 2019

Vagabond collection introduced

Feb. 2020

Outdoor Gear Lab: Mariposa and Gorilla win best 'Ultralight Backpacks of 2020'