Cuben Q-Storage Sacks

Gossamer Gear

Specs / Material

Ultralight hiking storage sacks in assorted sizes and models in a dyneema reinforced laminate.

All you need is a place for your stuff. Here are several ultralight products from re-inforced cuben laminate (newly known as Dyneema Composite) to help you organize and access your stuff wherever you may be.

Use the zipper Q-Ditty for your first aid, cooking or personal items. The Q-Stake bag is long enough to fit almost any stake and has a reinforced bottom for durability and will also easily fit glasses or other long-ish items.

  • Ultralight weight and compact

  • Easy to operate

  • Water resistant

  • Different shapes, sizes and closures depending on your needs

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  • Cuben Laminate

Weight (may vary slightly)

  • 0.30 oz / 9 g   Q-Ditty Large
  • 0.20 oz / 6 g   Q-Ditty Small
  • 0.10 oz / 2g    Q-Stake


  • 9" x 6.5" - Q-Ditty Large
  • 6.5" x 5" - Q-Ditty Small
  • 10" x 3.3" - Q-Stake