Polycryo (Tent Footprint) Ground Cloths



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Product Description

Use this ultralight ground cloth to substitute or protect your tent floor. This foot print is also used with our tarp shelters. This product is designed with the hiker in mind to keep the weight off your back and dirt off your sleeping bag. It is constructed from industrial grade cross-linked polyolefin. What this means is that it is extremely tough for its weight with amazing puncture resistance and economical to boot! These ground cloths are absolutely clear, so you can see if you missed any pebbles or pine cones after you put your ground cloth down. It would also serve well as a solar still in an emergency situation. This stuff is amazingly tough for its weight, and can help shave those last few grams off your pack weight. Note: You can trim to any size with scissors. Since these sheets are made from shrink film they will shrink slightly when exposed to extreme heat. Poly, Polycro or Polycryo this is it!


Weight 3.65 oz / 104 g each

Size 72 x 96 in / 183 x 244 cm each

Material 100 gauge / 1.0 mil material

Quantity Shipped as a 1-pack

Multilayer, cross-linked polyolefin film