From time to time we receive thank you messages from our users. This recent message came from John Muse, who has used our LT4 hiking poles on his recent treks. His note about Gossamer Gear overall really speaks volumes. Enjoy!:

"Because I can move quickly all day, I'm able to see places I never would be able to go to if I had to bring a ton of gear or carry more. I can't spend 10 days out like traditional hikers might. I got to do Wonderland in 4 days which would never happen with 40+ lbs. I hate unpacking and repacking a ton of stuff everyday. Less is more in more ways than just weight. I'm more interested in simplicity and efficiency as it allows me to see more and focus on the walk and the atmosphere and not what I carry. I would NEVER HIKE AT ALL if I had to do it traditionally. That to me is the greatest benefit to your gear. It's simple, very reliable and gets me to places I would never see otherwise."

April 12, 2011 — Brian Fryer