Brand Ambassador Heather "Anish" Anderson sets a new self-supported speed record on the Appalachian Trail with her Gossamer Gear Gorilla backpack!

She finished the 2,189.2 mile Appalachian Trail in 54 days, 7 hours, and 48 minutes. She hiked Southbound and averaged about 42 miles a day over the course of the trail.


Hiking long days, often deep into the night made it possible for her to hike the AT four days faster than Matt Kirk's established record in August of 2013.

"I think I'll just do the minimum miles necessary to break the record and just coast in from here," said Anish. To no one. Ever.

Anish also topped fellow ambassador Liz "Snorkel" Thomas' record for the fastest self-supported female hiker. Snorkel wrote,

Many of my friends have been asking me "if I'm ok with it" in the sort of way they'd ask me if "I'm ok" with an ex-boyfriend getting married to someone else. And the answer is YES! Even right after my record, I asked that someone come out and close the gap between the men and women's record. I wasn't strong enough to do it–and frankly had/have no interest in a thru-hike that is a complete sufferfest. What Anish did is remarkable and a huge boon to womenkind, to the outdoor world, and to athletic feats.


Anish and Snorkel hru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, hiking the entire 2,663 miles in only 60 days, 17 hours, and 12 minutes.


So what did it take for Anish to train for a record breaking hike of the Appalachian Trail? Her training included hiking out west, which includes adventures on Mount Rainier, as well as running ultramarathons. Her lightweight packing philosophy also helped her to keep moving and be extremely efficient on the trail.


We are proud to support strong female athletes. Congratulations Anish on your hike!

heather anish anderson

Heather at the ALDHA-West Gathering post FKT hike

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September 26, 2015 — Brian Fryer