Gossamer Gear set up a booth and showed our gear at Trail Days 2010. Trail Days is an event in Damascus Virginia put on every year in May. It is a collection of gear manufacturers and other crafts and clothing vendors that make a unique show. The cool thing about Damascus is that the Appalachian Trail goes right through the middle of town and our booth was set up on it. There were thousands of participants and we had a chance to see what the hikers were up to this year.Dave and Grant came and Rick and Stephanie Cheehy, two of our Trail Ambassadors, helped staff the booth and we really enjoyed having them there. Russ from Trail Designs and Dave from Gossamer were able to get out and do some hiking on the trail prior to the show. We have set up two photo galleries for both the Trail Days event and for the hike on the AT.

AT 2010 Appalachian Trail Days 2010 Appalachian Trail Days booth
May 19, 2010 — Brian Fryer