My Continental Divide Trail (CDT) gear list is from the trials and errors on my previous long-distance hikes. When I am not hiking, my lifestyle reflects a minimalist philosophy and I incorporate this lifestyle on trail by utilizing ultralight gear. I do not require a great deal of luxury items and am happier with a more simplistic life on trail. For the Continental Divide Trail is 7.91 pounds. I have outlined all items that I will carry in my pack below.

Also, there are items I have prepared to ship along the trail should I encounter high levels of snow and colder temps as I approach the southern San Juans of Colorado. I have friends that will keep me informed of the weather conditions in that area and will ship my gear to Cuba, New Mexico or Chama, New Mexico dependent upon the weather.


For the insects such as massive mosquitoes and such, I have prepared a package that contains gear and repellant that I will use in Wyoming and Montana, which is also listed below.

Category Gear Selection Weight (oz) Details          
Packing Gossamer Gear Gorilla 20.32
Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.6 Includes 2: 1 for shelter and the other for packed clothing
Trash Compactor Bag 1.5
Shelter Yama Mountain Gear Custom Cirriform SW Cuben 12
Gossamer Gear Tite-Lite Stakes 1.5 six total
Sleeping Therm-a-Rest Neo Air XLite 7.7
Western Mountaineering Versalite 29
Packed Clothing Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer 6
Ibex Glove Liners 1
ZPacks Rain Mitts 1.5
Mammut Rainspeed Rain Jacket 5
ZPacks Rain Skirt 1.5
CW-X Compression Tights 4
Injinji socks- (1) pair 1
Alpaca socks (1) pair 1 for sleeping
Outdoor Research Transcendent Beanie 1
Hydration SmartWater 2 - 1liter Bottles 3
Platypus 2 - Flexible Water Bottle 2.6
Sawyer Mini 1.4
Food Yama Mountain Gear Cuben Fiber Stuff Sack 0.4
Plastic Spoon 0.1 from a convenient store
Ziploc 2-Cup Container 1.5
Small Essentials Camp-USA sack 0.1 First aid sack
First Aid Kit* 2.9 see below for full list
Dental Floss 0.1
Toothbrush 0.3
Deejo Naked Knife 0.5
Deuce of Spades Trowel
Black Diamond Ion Headlamp 1
Jonathen Ley's CDT Maps 2.8 Maps w/data pages in ziploc
Banana Boat Sunscreen 0.4 SPF30
Apple iPhone 6 + charger 4.5 Loaded with CDT app. Used as my camera.
External Battery
Montbell UL Trekking Umbrella 5.5
Bandana 0.5
Total base weight (oz) Not Including worn items or consumables 126.82
Total base weight (lbs) Not Including worn items or consumables 7.91
Occasional Gear
Lint & Justa Bug Netting 1.5 Wear in Wyoming
Mosquito & Tick Repellant 2 N. Colorado/Wyoming & Montana
Kahtoola Micro Spikes 13.7 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
Camp-USA Ice Axe 7.2 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
Ice Breaker Long Base Layer 5.8 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
The North Face Pants 6.5 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
Soto Stove 2.2 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
Evernew Cookpot 1.9 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans
Fuel Canister 6 Depends on Snow & Ice in San Juans

First Aid Kit

Ibuprofen, Mini Lighter, Safety Pin, Toilet Paper, Imodium, First Aid Ointment Packet, Leuko Tape, QTips, ChiroAide packet, Chapstick, Hand Sanitizer, Rubberbands for hair, Abbreva, Mini Comb, Vitamins, Hammer Seat Saver, CPR Mask, Surgical Gloves, Wilderness First Responder Card

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This gear list was contributed by former Trail Ambassador April "Bearclaw" Sylva

April 28, 2015 — Brian Fryer