South Cumberland Area

Some of The Usual Suspects (l-r: Stan "Beastmaster"/G-4; Russ/Mariposa Plus w/belt pockets; Alan "Rambler"/Murmur, The One, LT4s; John "Call Me Ishmael"/G5, Nightlight Torso Pad, "Deluxe" Williwabbit Tyvek Rain Jacket; bottom: Bonnie "The Bonster") made a (Deep South) mid-winter tuneup/shakedown hike in the Savage Gulf (South Cumberland Area, TN) in February. In addition to the typical challenge of locating "stored" gear, after some months of disuse, everyone brought along at least one new technique or piece of gear to try out. Between the four of us, we had two pairs of lighter shoes, a 3.3-ounce tarp shelter, a 4.6-ounce rain jacket ("Deluxe" version of Will Rietveld's Hooded Tyvek Rain Jacket, w/separating zipper, zipper storm flap and pockets), and a substitute stove fuel. Suter Falls is one of many waterfalls running into the Savage Gulf this time of year, even though the water quickly disappears underground and most of the canyon floor stream bed is dry.

–John Potter Call Me Ishmael

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April 10, 2012 — Brian Fryer