bear can backpack


I don't know if you are still looking at ideas for packs to carry bear canisters, but I had good luck last summer with the Mariposa+ with a bungee cord setup on top of the pack. Worked better than my previous Mariposa because the grosgrain loops were symmetrical on each side of the pack. The earlier model did not have the grosgrain loops in the same place on each side of the pack and would pull the canister backwards. I carry the food inside the pack in a stuff sack during the day and stick it in the can at night. I put the shelter and down jacket in the canister during the day and it carries much better that way. Worked great. We did 11 days wandering in the southern Sierra with that setup last summer and it was fine, including some nice cross country (actually carried 12 days of food but came out a day early.

We were stopped on the trail by folks who had trouble believing that we were in for twelve days with our setup. I was wondering if you ever considered making up some Gossamer Gear stickers with the website address that could be handed out. I told people the name and url but don't know how many remember it. Just an idea.


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March 21, 2012 — Brian Fryer