Submitted by: Stephen Hoefler

I endeavored to completing the venerable Sierra Crest Route this summer. What follows, is a myriad of photos captured on that adventure which feature the stalwart Gossamer Gear Gorilla that accompanied me on my prodigious journey from Haiwee Pass (in the southern sierra, south of Olancha) to Horse Creek Pass (in the northern terminus of the high sierra west of Bridgeport) along the spine of California with over 60 peaks and most of the California 14ers to boot. As of this date, the mighty Gorilla has accompanied me to the top of 72 peaks and I anticipate we'll make it to the top of several more!

I'm a fervent believer in Gossamer Gear products and would love the chance to win a new pack. I use a G4 pack for winter and deep shoulder season use in the mountains but rely on my Gorilla (originally a GG Miniposa) for all other backpacking. My Miniposa was a delight and doubly so with the Gorilla. I'd love a chance to replace my torn and tired Gorilla with a new one or perhaps prod forward in the sport of Super Ultralight Mountaineering with a Gossamer Gear Murmur or Kumo. However, as appealing as that sounds, Mountaineering and SUL are not mutually exclusive! Either way, I'd love a new pack!

This is my pack (in the right) on Day one of the SCR at the Haiwee Pass Trailhead

ultralight mountaineering

Here you see the Gorilla on it's way to a well deserved re-supply in the town of Independence. Transportation courtesy of PCT Trail Angel Tom (thanks Tom!).

hitch hiking

This is the Gorilla on top of Mount Bolton Brown. It's owner is doing something silly.

Mount Bolton Brown

Angsty, teen-esque mood shadow shot of Gorilla at about mid point along the SCR.

gossamer gear mountaineering

The Gorilla tromping happily through Humphrey's Basin.

Humphrey's Basin

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December 06, 2012 — Brian Fryer