When you asked for the perfect shoulder strap pocket to store your iPhone in while hiking, we delivered–waterproof zipper and all. When you needed a versatile hipbelt pocket for your chapstick and compass, we delivered–internal key hook included. So, when you asked for a seamless way to shove food into your mouth and wash it down with sweet, sweet fluids, we weren't going to leave you hanging. Gossamer Gear is honored to present you, the hungry and thirsty hiker, with our newest shoulder strap add-ons, the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket.

The Feed Bag is Here to Take Trail Snacking to the Next Level

For hikers who require minimal time between hunger pangs and food in mouth, the Feed Bag delivers. Sure, you can technically keep trail snacks in a hipbelt pocket, but what if yours is already full of CBD oil? What if you don't want to hassle with a zipper? If you're hungry, and can't possibly imagine stopping to dig food out of your pack, it's time to kit yourself out with a Feed Bag.

The Gossamer Gear Feed Bag is made of custom robic nylon fabric and has a secure attachment system to any of our packs' shoulder straps. A quick and easy pull tie on the top of the Feed Bag keeps your food secure, but immediately ready for action at the first signs of hanger.

The Feed Bag can fit up to six tortilla wraps, three smashed honey buns, or an absurd amount of M&Ms.

Just Say No to Dehydrated Hiking with the Bottle Rocket

We've all been there–trying to awkwardly reach your arm around to the back of your pack to search for your water bottle, refusing to actually take your pack off to assist in grabbing it. We may not even want to hassle with it so much so that we end up "thirangry" (like hangry, but thirsty… ?) later down the trail, cursing the dehydration headache that catches up to us in the late afternoon. Well, trail friends, no more! Get yourself a Bottle Rocket.

The Gossamer Gear Bottle Rocket attaches to your shoulder strap for quick and easy access to your liquid of choice. It fits 500ml to 1,000ml Smart Water bottles like a glove. With this easy access to your water, you will never hike dehydrated again.

The Bottle Rocket is made from lightweight mesh and custom robic nylon fabrics. It has a secure attachment system to any of our packs' shoulder straps, and includes an elastic loop to lock your bottle in place.

You Asked. We Delivered. Ending Hangry Thirsting on the Trail with the Feed Bag and Bottle Rocket since 2019.

If you're looking to address your issues with hunger and thirst on the trail–well, at least the literal kinds; we'll leave the figurative ones to Mother Nature to provide–then the Feed Bag and the Bottle Rocket are for you. Check out each of their product pages for more information on their features.

Finally, make sure to share photos of your adventures with the Feed Bag or Bottle Rocket with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!