glen and jules

The full story, with all its twists and turns, of how my life became connected with that of Jules Lambert, the president of Probar, is longer than anyone wants to read in a blog post. Sometime if we're on a hike together, remember to ask me for the full length version. It involves a vegan diet, rollerblading, Lightrek poles, my oldest son Brian, Portland, the power of handwritten notes, Whole Foods Market… and of course ultralight backpacking and Probars. Through the intricate dance of fate, Jules and I have become fast friends. I've hiked with him, his family has stayed at my house, I've stayed at his, we've spent time sharing the travails of building a business, raising families and maintaining relationships.

I've come to know Jules as a man of boundless energy, passionate for his God and his family, and a lover of people and wholesome food. He's generous with Probars, and is always up for the wild ideas I come up with for giving them away. So when I thought about giving away a bunch of Probars by stuffing them into the pockets of a Kumo, Jules was immediately in. He turned over the particulars to his crack team at Probar, who worked with a genius at those things, Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador Brian Green. So guess the number of Probars that can fit into the pockets of a Kumo, and you can win both the pack AND the Probars! If you pay attention, you can get up to 12 entries by posting, liking, and tweeting. In the event of multiple correct entries, the selection will be made by random (so of course having multiple correct entries would increase your chances).

Update: Offer expired

December 30, 2012 — Brian Fryer