To introduce you to the updated Gossamer Gear Silverback 55, let's start with some scenarios. You've decided to spend your long weekend exploring that backpacking trail you've heard about in the rugged Montana wilderness. It's rarely traveled, which appeals to you, but you also know it's going to require a bit of bushwhacking to make it to that gorgeous alpine lake. Or, let's say you've decided to take on the Continental Divide Trail, committing yourself to thousands of miles and multiple months in the backcountry.

You're someone who needs gear that's as steadfast as you are. You're also someone who knows the power of taking less and doing more. You don't want to have to carry extra weight just to find gear that's built to last. Meet the Gossamer Gear Silverback 55. This is your pack.

Gossamer Gear Silverback

The Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 is Ready for Tough Hikes

While the Silverback has always been known as the seasoned big brother of the Gorilla–a pack that's seen a trail or two in its day–Gossamer Gear's recent updates to the pack have only improved upon its design. The Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 is made for those who are ready to take on tough terrain, hack their way through dense brush if they need to, and go that extra mile for the most epic of sunsets.

Gossamer Gear Silverback

Materials and Weight of the Updated Gossamer Gear Silverback

The Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 is made out of custom, tough, durable 70d Robic nylon X 210d extreema (dyneema/spectra analog) grid fabric. There's also reinforced Robic on the bottom and side pockets of this pack. This all translates to a pack that isn't going to get snagged on a branch and require repair. The Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 won't wear down quickly from your rock scrambling. It won't give out on you halfway through your thru-hike.

All of this toughness is accomplished while still keeping the pack lightweight. Based on the medium size, the total weight of the Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 clocks in at just 43.46 ounces, or 2.72 pounds. The pack on its own weights just 21.45 ounces, or 1.34 pounds, and the hipbelt 7.69 ounces, or 0.48 pounds.

Gossamer Gear Silverback

Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 Has Features that Let You Take Less and Do More

The Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 embraces the ethos of taking less and doing more by incorporating design element that are multi-purpose. The pack comes with multiple top closure options, depending on your needs, including a detachable brain. In addition, the pack includes an all-new proprietary polycarbonate removable frame. Finally, the Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 comes with a new removable air flow Sitlight back pad. This pad can easily double as your new favorite camp seat.

Gossamer Gear Silverback

Today is the perfect time to consider upgrading your backpacking pack to–or starting your backpacking journey with–the Gossamer Gear Silverback 55. It's going to be your best friend on long winter hikes. It's going to be ready for the thru-hike you're planning for 2019. This upgraded, expert-tested pack is ready for the burly, scenic, exciting terrain you have ahead.

Make sure to share photos of your adventures with the Gossamer Gear Silverback 55 with us by tagging @gossamergear and using the hashtag #takelessdomore. Happy trails!

November 16, 2018 — Korrin Bishop