family gear list

Trail Ambassador Hikin' Jim and Daughter Joyce

This is my general summer backpacking gear list for mountain regions (elevations up to 14,000') in the Southwestern US for temperatures down to about 40F/5C. For lower altitude summer trips, delete the rain jacket, down vest, hat, and gloves. This list is suitable for locations that do not require a bear canister, but a bear canister can be swapped in as necessary (see notes in "Packing" section, below). Water sources in the Southwestern US are generally some distance apart, so I carry sufficient capacity for 4L as a default. If a specific trip requires it (desert hiking for example), I may carry up to 8L.

Category Gear Selection Weight (oz) Details
Packing Gossamer Gear Mariposa Backpack 29.2 1. Large enough to hold a Garcia bear canister.
2. Large enough to hold gear for my daughter and me if not carrying bear canister.
Ursack (Vectran Model) 7.7 Bearproof food storage. Substitute a Garcia bear canister, 44.9 oz, as needed.
Sleeping Western Mountaineering Summerlite Sleeping Bag incl stuff sack and waterproof cover 23.5 Rated at 32F/0C, but used without problem at lower temperatures when wearing down vest inside.
Thermarest Neoair (original) 3/4, incl stuff sack 10.8 Used in combo with (detachable) back pad of Mariposa backpack.
Thermarest Neoair Pillow (small), incl stuff sack 2.2
Shelter Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape 12.5 Add bivy sack (15.4 oz) in cold, wet, or windy weather.
Tyvek Ground Sheet 4.2
Six Titanium Shepards Hook Stakes 1.3
Packed Clothing Patagonia Capilene 2 top & bottom 13.4 Base layers
First Ascent Down Vest (800 fill) 10.7 Insulation layer
Fleece hat and gloves 7.1
Windshirt and pants 7.5
Marmot Essence Rain Jacket 7.4 Shell layer
Socks 5.6 Sleep socks and spare socks
Dollar Store flip flops 4.5 Camp shoes
Headnet from Peters Headnets 1.4
Hydration Platypus Plain top 1L bladders (4) 3.5 May carry up to eight bladders in desert.
Steri-Pen Traveller (with spare batts) 6.1
Cooking Trail Designs Ti-Tri w/ Evernew 1.3L Pot (alcohol only mode) 8.9 Add 2.1 ounces if bringing wood burning kit
Plastic bowl 2.8
Snow Peak Ti Sierra Cup 1.5 Measuring cup, drinking cup, water & snow scoop.
Sea to Summit aluminum spoon 0.4
Small Essentials Emergency Kit 12.5 Duct tape, storm proof matches, signal mirror, etc.
First Aid Kit 15.8 Triangular bandage, med tape, gauze, scissors, etc
ACR ResAfix 406 MHz satellite PLB 6.9
Potty kit (snow stake, sanitizer, TP) 6.0 Snow stake can also be used with my shelter
Mammut S-Flex Headlamp 2.7
Ditty bag 20.7 chapstick, sunscreen, lighter, cordage, DEET, Ibuprofen, soap, patch kit, safety pins, etc.
Garmin eTrex20 GPS with case 7.1 Optional if you're a decent map reader
Paper Map 1.8 Sure nice to have if GPS runs out of juice
Sony DSC-HX30V camera w/ case 11.9 Gotta take pix.
Cyclops external battery 6.6 For recharging camera or smart phone
Pocket New Testament 3.2 For recharging soul
Total Base Weight (oz) 267.5
Total Base Weight (lbs) 16.7

This gear list was contributed by Trail Ambassador Jim Barbour, also known as Hikin' Jim. Joyce there is a Jr. Trail Ambassador and an excellent hiking companion.