Top 10 Stocking Stuffers for Thru Hikers in Your Life

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Korrin Bishop | Dec 09, 2018

Have a family member who completed her first thru hike this past past year and is already eager to get back out there? Or, maybe your good friend is excitedly planning for his first thru hike this spring? Gossamer Gear is here to help you select the best stocking stuffers for thru hikers in your life.

As backpackers who like to keep things light, we know that the little things can add up. That's why we've rounded up the best lightweight options to snag as stocking stuffers for thru hikers. Each of these adds value to your pack and your experience, while not adding unnecessary extra pounds to your journey. These stocking stuffers for thru hikers will put a big smile on the faces of the outdoorsy people in your life.

These Stocking Stuffers for Thru Hikers will Make for Happy Campers

  1. The Bumster
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Fanny packs are alive and well. Wear this one as part of a backpack system, or alone as a highly fashionable statement piece. The Bumster fanny pack is the answer to all "I wish I had just one more easily accessible pocket on me" woes. Waist band is adjustable to fit all sizes. It's one of those stocking stuffers for thru hikers that will be used both on and off the trail.

  1. Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

The Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter is the ultimate water filtration system for minimalist hikers. It's extremely compact and lightweight, clocking in at just 3 ounces with the ability to roll-up for easy storage. Thru hikers will love this stocking stuffer, especially when they learn of its guaranteed life expectancy of 1 million gallons.

  1. Gossamer Gear Hats
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Everyone loves some good swag, and it doesn't get much more glorious than our Gossamer Gear hats. Available in three styles, these caps are stocking stuffers for thru hikers that will be hip on the trail and on the downtown-bound train.

  1. Revivex Odor Eliminator
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Did your loved one smell terrible when you picked her up at the end of her thru hike? Show her you care by gifting Revivex Odor Eliminator in her stocking this year. This product can become a long distance hiker's new best friend, as it can remove miles and miles of stink from your favorite hiking shirt, making it ready for the next adventure!

  1. Deuce Backpacking Trowel
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Hey, everybody poops. And, at 0.6 ounces, this trowel weighs the same as 13 small blueberries. As we like to say, both are good for pooping in the woods! Compact enough to slip right into the side pocket of a backpack –or into a stocking.

  1. Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Our customers rave about this lightweight, naturally odor-, stain-, and water-resistant bamboo spoon! Made out of sustainable, natural material, this spoon will let your loved ones enjoy their backcountry meal without that metallic taste of titanium. Make sure to let them know about our blog post about how to take care of the spoon, as well, and you'll have a perfect stocking stuffer for a thru hiker.

  1. The Crotch Pot
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

It will start as a joke, and end up their new favorite piece of gear. Trust us. Who needs a stove when there's already plenty of heat down below? Dinner is ready by the time you reach camp. Gag gift? More like one of the best stocking stuffers for thru hikers ever.

  1. Cuben Q-Storage Sacks
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

For thru hikers who like to stay organized while on the trail, we offer our Cuben Q-Storage Sacks. Made out of dyneema reinforced laminate, they're ultralight and come in assorted sizes and models to stash everything from tent poles to glasses.

  1. Backpacking Pocket Knife
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

This Swiss Army Classic SD Knife has everything you need and nothing you don't–just what thru hikers want to see as their stocking stuffers. Slip it in your pocket. Hook it to your keys. With its seven implements, it can save the day!

  1. Photon Freedom LED Micro Light
stocking stuffers for thru hikers

The Photon Freedom has long been one of our favorite, essential pieces of gear, and we know it'll make a great stocking stuffer for a thru hiker, too. Single-button operation provides full range brightness control plus safety strobe beacons. Water-resistant. Easy to use. Great for the backcountry or everyday use!

BONUS: Gift Cards

stocking stuffers for thru hikers

Sometimes it's best to let your loved one pick out what it is he or she most needs or wants. We've got you covered with gift cards starting at $10 and going up to your desired price.

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