Have you ever wondered about all of the mind-bending things you can do on trail with a thin piece of foam? Weighing in at just 2.5 ounces, our thinlight foam pad is the perfect addition to your ultralight kit. Below are 12 reasons why.

#1: Protection for your inflatable pad

A thinlight foam pad is the ideal way to protect your new NeoAir Uberlite inflatable pad. Layer it underneath to keep it safe from all the prickly things of the world.

The perfect cowboy camping setup.

#2: Back up for your inflatable pad

Manage to spring a leak in your inflatable anyway? No need to bail on your trip early since you have back up insulation and the warmth of one of our Thermarest Vesper Quilts.

#3: Extra insulation / leg insulation

Based on thermal conductivity data we have compiled for our proprietary Evazote foam, we would estimate the R values to be 0.5 for the 1/8" Thinlight. If you are using a torso length sleeping pad, you can combine it with a thinlight foam pad for added leg insulation.

Gossamer Gear founder Glen Van Peski having the time of his life with his extra warmth.

#4: Non-slip surface for your inflatable pad

A thinlight foam pad keeps your inflatable pad from feeling like a slip-n-slide in the middle of the night.

#5: Yoga mat

The non-slip surface is great for your moving mountain meditation.

#6: Sit pad replacement

Instead of using one of our standard sit pads, you can fold up a thinlight foam pad and place it in the sit pad mesh of our packs!

Glen Van Peski making a mountain goat jealous with his thinlight seat and GVP stove.

#7: Nap pad

Want to take a cat nap on trail, but don't want to blow up your inflatable? Easy access to a thinlight foam pad allows you to be snoozing within 30 seconds of dropping your pack.

#8: Camp shoes / shoe insoles

The Evazote foam is a great material for DIY ultralight camp shoes or replacement insoles. If you manage to lose your shoes to quicksand, you can even make some quick hiking sandals.

Glen Van Peski doing his best shoe salesman impersonation.

#9: Structure for your frameless pack

Roll a thinlight foam pad around the interior of a frameless pack to give it structure, or combine it with a sit pad in our back panel mesh pocket to add more support.

#10: Torso insulation under a jacket

Add some core body heat by stuffing it inside a jacket.

#11: Rain kilt

Given that the thinlight foam pad is made of a closed cell foam, it doesn't absorb water! Use its flexible properties to wrap it around your waist to keep your legs warm and dry during storms.

#12: Sleeping pad for your doggo

Need a lightweight compact sleeping pad for your best buddy? This is the one.

Have any questions? Other uses for a thinlight foam pad we didn't cover? Reach out to us anytime at support@gossamergear.com.

November 18, 2019 — Ian Atkinson