A good lightweight pack doesn’t come pre-loaded with a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles. All those bells and whistles add up in weight, which can take away from your trail experience. However, this isn’t meant to be a knock on bells or whistles. Bells can be great. So can whistles. The point is that you should only have those that you want and need on your pack for your particular adventure.

Gossamer Gear offers a variety of lightweight, functional accessories that let you customize your pack exactly how you want it. You can also remove the accessories for trips where they’re not needed. Looking to customize your pack for your best trek yet? We have you covered! Below, we’ll share our top favorite accessories for customizing your pack.

1. Shoulder Strap Pocket

Your phone, old-school point-and-shoot camera, sunglasses, notepad, lucky penny collection—some things you just want to keep close and easy to access. Gossamer Gear offers detachable shoulder strap pockets in two sizes and colors. They have one horizontal and two vertical attachment points that are adjustable for quick and simple attachment. They’re designed with our hiking packs in mind, but can be added to most any pack. The pockets have a fast zipper and a wee bit of foam to help them hold their shape, as well as an exterior mesh pocket for snacks and trinkets. 

2. Bottle Rocket

Good hydration on the trail is critical. Gossamer Gear’s famous Bottle Rocket attaches to your shoulder strap and holds your water bottle in place for easy access—and a visual reminder to quench your thirst! It fits 500ml to 1,000ml Smartwater bottles like a glove. You will never hike dehydrated again.

3. Hipbelt Pocket

We’re pretty sure Shakira’s 2005 hit “Hips Don’t Lie” is a ballad about the glory of Gossamer Gear’s detachable hipbelt pockets. Need easy access to your light source, pocket knife, lightweight rain jacket, or more snacks? The hipbelt pocket is your answer. It’s designed to fit  any Gossamer Gear pack that has a padded hipbelt, as well as many other hipbelts that do not have pockets.

4. Feedbag

Hikers get hungry. Hikers need to feel like they have a bottomless sleeve of cheese crackers and gummy worms available to them at all times. The Feedbag solves this. With the Feedbag, hikers can easily snack on their favorite trail treats while keeping their pace moving forward. If you’re hungry and can’t possibly imagine stopping to dig food out of your pack and your hipbelt pockets are already full, the Feedbag is your best friend. It attaches to your shoulder strap and is designed to rid our trails of hangry hikers. It can fit up to six tortilla wraps, three smashed honey buns, or an absurd amount of M&Ms.

5. Lightrek Pack Bungee Attachment

Need a simple way to attach your trekking poles or other things to your backpack? Gossamer Gear’s Lightrek Pack Bungee Attachment clamps utilize a simple, easy-to-use system that allows for tightening or loosening by pulling a tab—all with the use of only one hand!

6. Shock Compression Cord Set

Gossamer Gear offers an elastic cord perfect for attaching your bear can or family-sized bag of Lay’s Honey BBQ potato chips to your pack. You can also not attach anything to your pack because you’re a minimalist and simply use these cords to make your pack look cool. They come in six colors. Collect them all as a way to signal your trail mood and/or create a rainbow.

7. Hands-Free Umbrella Clamp

If you use the beloved Gossamer Gear Lightrek Hiking Umbrella for sunny days, rainy days, or greater trail comfort for your pooch, there are likely moments when you’d like to be able to take it out without having to hold it. We have the perfect solution! Our clamp-bungee, hands-free solution is the perfect umbrella companion. Use the clip on almost any shoulder strap to go hands-free when hiding from the sun or rain.

8. Kula Cloth

If you squat when you pee, the Kula Cloth is your new best friend. You can read all about the glory of pee cloths on the Light Feet blog. Once you’re undoubtedly convinced that your life would be better with one, Gossamer Gear stocks a very stylish custom design that snaps to the outside of your pack. It’s functional and a great conversation starter. 

Customize Your Pack With Functional, Lightweight Accessories

The best pack is one that works exactly how you want it to. With Gossamer Gear’s lightweight accessories, you can customize any pack to carry your gear just how you like it and/or look really cool and stylish.

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December 24, 2022 — Korrin Bishop